Poems depicting the 'Omnipotent' glory of the writer in an enormous types that the poet may ever conceive. usual and uninhibited outpourings of the guts those poems delivery the reader right into a global of spirituality and style of Godhead. each poetic piece indicates Parekh's remarkable love for the Almighty and immortalizes the Omnipresent charisma of the Lord in a boundless methods and shapes. This spiritually enriched compendium of poems is for all these who have timelessly well-known the striking prowesses and powers of God at every one level in their lives. these who have lived every one speedy in their lives worshipping his Omniscient grace without reference to the main murderous hell descending round. The poetic imagery brilliantly transcends over each inhibition of caste, creed, colour and faith and is going to without end end up that every one dwelling beings are one and blessed in his fathomless sacrosanct gentle of fact. The poems depict Parekh's oneness in brain, physique and spirit with the writer.

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1 God – by Nikhil Parekh THE MOSQUE OF MY OMNIPOTENT CREATOR…. Neither and ever infront of my very own mother; who'd borne me 9 excruciating months in her womb; compassionately safeguarding me even today; a 28 yrs later; against the most infinitesimal trace of the devil, Neither and ever infront of my very own father; who'd indefatigably worked round the clock; unsparingly abrading the heels of his soles against the merciless corporate tarmac; in order to lavishly attend to each of my minuscule needs, Neither and ever infront of my very own sister; who'd herself undergone countless an ordeal; just in order to ensure that there always illuminated a smile on my face; and my parents as well as the world only looked at me, Neither and ever infront of my very own grandmother; who'd astoundingly awakened several a time in the wee hours of midnight; to cater to my every eccentric demand; ecstatically run with my baby legs for unending a distance; with only the moon as savior and her ailing sight, Neither and ever infront of my very own grandfather; who'd torrentially showered every conceivable gift on this planet upon my childish demands; many a time using droplets of his blood when his treasury of currency coin had disastrously exhausted, Neither and ever infront of my very own brother; who'd never left a single stone unturned in his endless search for me; as I timelessly wandered in fantasy amidst a sea of humans; at every perceivable direction of sound, Neither and ever infront of my very own uncle; who'd tirelessly spent every instant of his life; trying to keep me in the most euphoric of spirits; alleviate the inexplicable graves of depression that had sunk deep down into my soul, Neither and ever infront of my very own aunt; who'd loved and adored me more than her own children; proudly introducing me to her friends and the rest of the world; as the inimitable and very best, Neither and ever infront of my very own pet; who'd wagged his tail more ardently than the fierily mid-day Sun; everytime the nimble sound of my intricate feet tinkered near his ever-alert ears, Neither and ever infront of my very own shadow; who'd incorrigibly followed me since the first cry of ebullient life; unflinchingly agglutinated to me like a faithful soldier; irrespective of my sporadic moods and abuse, Neither and ever infront of my very own niece; who'd virtually exhausted every of her rhapsodic effort; to mischievously transform each tear-drop that dribbled from my eye; into a fountain of perennially fructifying love, Neither and ever infront of my very own cousin; who'd built countless a castle with me on the glistening sea shores; being always there as my best friend; when everyone else in the world had uncouthly abandoned me, Neither and ever infront of my very own dwelling; who'd invincibly sequestered me from the most ferocious of maelstrom and disaster; infallibly braved the most extreme wilderness of the sadistic night; whilst I slept in its interiors like an unparalleled crown prince, Neither and ever infront of my very own neighbor; who'd arrived by my side at the faintest of my cry; be it in the wee hours of night or when atrocious bombs rained left-right-center in wartime; who turned up when some of my closest of blood-relations had deserted me, Neither and ever infront of my very own heart; who'd perpetually stayed the closest to my inexplicably trembling chest; timelessly entwining every beat of my ordinarily destitute life with the spirit of immortal love, Neither and ever infront of my very own daughter; who'd forever given me infinite reasons to smile and remain alive; with her divinely inarticulate mumbling; which knew no barriers of caste; creed; religion; status or tribe, Neither and ever infront of my very own in-laws; who'd tolerated my every indescribable idiosyncrasy; shunting every aspect of my anomalous behavior with an unbreakable wall of silence, Neither and ever infront of my very own wife; who'd impregnably stood by my side in my times of good and bad; not inspiring me the slightest but yet and nevertheless resigning to her fate; and accepting me the way that I was, But.

If at all I wholeheartedly laughed; cried; sang; danced; joked; proliferated; sketched; poeticized; fantasized; liberated; evolved; adventured; slept; triumphed; flirted; wailed; whistled; lived and died; infront of somebody; then it was none else than the mosque of my Omnipotent Creator…. 31 THE ONLY WAY TO ATTAIN GOD… They indefatigably tried to win his heart; spuriously appease him by laying all the innocent flowers of this world at his perpetual feet; after barbarously plucking the same from their nimbly priceless roots, They tirelessly tried to win his heart; worthlessly appease him by laying an ocean of impeccable animal blood at his majestic feet; after indiscriminately slaughtering countless a goat and half asleep sheep, They unstoppably tried to win his heart; meaninglessly appease him by laying all the currency note in this world at his infallible feet; after cadaverously burying their hands and feet an infinite feet into innocuous feelings and blood, They irrevocably tried to win his heart; thoughtlessly appease him by laying all the milk in this world at his sacrosanct feet; after hideously extracting each droplet; from the belly of the holistic cow, They unceasingly tried to win his heart; wantonly appease him by laying all screaming prostitutes in this world at his eternal feet; after satanically disrobing them right infront of their mother's; sisters and aunts, They unrelentingly tried to win his heart; sanctimoniously appease him by laying all robust trees in this world at his Omnipresent feet; after brutally slaining the same; with their swords of diabolical hate, They insatiably tried to win his heart; senselessly appease him by laying all children skulls in this world at his bountiful feet; after hedonistically disassociating them from jubilantly mischievous neck, They endlessly tried to win his heart; idiosyncratically appease him by laying all the dreams of this world at his unparalleled feet; after asphyxiating the last ounce of fantasy from every brain; as they subjected it to cold-blooded betrayal, They inexhaustibly tried to win his heart; inveterately appease him by laying each dwelling of this world at this royal feet; after ruthlessly divesting every harmonious organism of a roof over its head, They unlimitedly tried to win his heart; spinelessly appease him by laying every conceivable epitome of this world at his inimitable feet; after monstrously bombarding and beheading immaculately towering mountains of snow, They perennially tried to win his heart; nonsensically appease him by laying every droplet of water in this world at his ever-pervading feet; after venomously evaporating the lap of mother nature; of all its quintessential moisture and oils, They inexorably tried to win his heart; fecklessly appease him by laying every source of sight in this world at his unconquerable feet; after insanely ripping apart eyeballs from countless untainted twinkling faces; in the name of religious sacrifice, They irretrievably tried to win his heart; purposelessly appease him by laying every covering of silken skin in this world at his Omnipotent feet; after cannibalistically knifing through unsuspectingly infantile; raw bone; flesh and blood; They continuously tried to win his heart; mindlessly appease him by laying each morsel of food in this world at his blessed feet; after wantonly forcing every mouth to vomit whatever existed in the intestine; since the very first cry of birth, They intransigently tried to win his heart; bawdily appease him by laying every color of this world at his venerated feet; after disastrously decimating the very roots of happiness from every replenished and gifted form of life, They implacably tried to win his heart; amorphously appease him by laying every piece of cloth in this world at his Omniscient feet; after sacrilegiously disrobing infinite organism of their intrinsic 1 God – by Nikhil Parekh integrity and pride, They timelessly tried to win his heart; wrongly appease him by laying every feminine scalp in this world at his everlasting feet; after blasphemously murdering the girl child right in the mother's womb, They undyingly tried to win his heart; insensitively appease him by laying every bit of sunshine that fell on the world at his undefeated feet; after viciously submerging every perceivable quarter of earth; into a corpse of manipulatively victimizing blackness, Yet.

33 DON'T EXPECT FROM HUMAN BEINGS…. Sing with them; wholesomely blending even the most insouciant of your innermost tunes; with the ecstatically mesmerizing melody of their lives, Dance with them; matching the untamed exhilaration in their bones; step for step and with the most unabashed of fervor; under the inscrutably majestic beams of the midnight moon, Eat with them; deriving unsurpassable gratification in the fact; that replenishing morsels of food were being symbiotically shared from the same plate; with the fingers occasionally intertwining with each other, Adventure with them; intransigently weaving through the most eccentrically twisted and unexplored pathways; which spell-bindingly portrayed the glorious uncertainties of the chapter called life, Shake hands with them; uninhibitedly letting even the most infinitesimal folds of the compassionate palm; unite in a sky of eternally invincible friendship, Worship with them; prostrating before every form of temple; mosque; church or monastery; in unfathomably profound admiration of the Lord; in an infinite of his forms, Defend with them; standing unflinchingly and fearless under the most blistering of Sun; unitedly protecting your sacrosanct motherland; against the most indescribably vindictive of attack, Sermonize with them; disseminating the essence of several learning incidences in your life to the oppressed and depressed masses; fearlessly voicing the righteously befriending tunes of your soul, March with them; perennially ensuring that each of your united steps; led solely towards the enrichment and magnificent fulfillment of every fraternity; of God's priceless living kind, Sleep with them; beautifully surpassing even the most sacrilegious ruthlessness of the night; in the comfort of their ardently comforting breath, Fantasize with them; unveiling even the most obfuscated arenas of your brain; to the fathomless paradise of beauty prevalent in every ingredient of air around you; and the victorious puff of breath entering your lungs, Admire with them; insatiably appreciating the unlimited bountifulness of God's creation; which eclectically spawned in even the most invisible particle of soil; as well as the gigantic skies, Frolic with them; mischievously flirting and clambering up the freshly rain soaked hills; blissfully transiting back into those magical memories of pristine childhood, Win with them; forever trouncing even the most infidel insinuation of the devil from every cranny of this boundless earth; with the scepter of impregnable truth; inherently ingrained in your blood, Romance with them; letting each wondrously passionate beat of your heart entwine with theirs; in a garland of unimpeachably redolent oneness, Sketch with them; capturing even the most oblivious shades of venerated mother nature; depicting her unparalleled glory and virility; thereby giving true meaning to your sheets of barren nothingness, Deliberate with them; endlessly arguing on myriad issues and elements of unlimited living kind; trying to reach to the most efficacious consensus; which brought about the most fructifying upheaval of all deprived, Marry with them; celestially interlocking even the most ephemeral aspect of your existence with theirs; to royally give birth to an infinite more of your noble kind, And do whatever you wanted to; but if ever you wanted to expect anything; then don't expect from them –the 'Human Being'; for that always had the possibility of shattering your heart into a countless 1 God – by Nikhil Parekh irretrievable gory pieces---instead for this and to guaranteedly fulfill your every desire; just turn to the Creator of All—The Omnipotent Creator Divine… 35 WITHOUT LIFE Without him I was indeed a Sun; but without my fiery set of flamboyant rays, Without him I was indeed a tree; but without my entire conglomerate of green leaves and resplendent petals, Without him I was indeed a panther; but without my ferociously deafening roar, Without him I was indeed a mammoth book; but without my grandiloquent set of alphabets and words, Without him I was indeed a fire; but without my dynamically sizzling repertoire of golden flames, Without him I was indeed a lock; but without my power and invincible grace to protect the blissful dwelling, Without him I was indeed a mountain; but without my handsome summit; which once upon a time used to tower handsomely towards the open sky, Without him I was indeed a bar of chocolate; but without my sweetness and delectable charisma; rotting fetidly in an obsolete heap, Without him I was indeed a pair of rubicund lips; but without my voluptuously seductive and congenial smiles, Without him I was indeed an ocean; but without my flurry of ravishingly mesmerizing and supremely salty waves, Without him I was indeed a cloud; but without my globules of life yielding and sparkling rain, Without him I was indeed a house; but without my inevitable network of fortified doors and transparent windows, Without him I was indeed a rose; but without my stupendously alluring perfume and Kingly redolence which I used to waft every second across this boundless Universe, Without him I was indeed a car; but without my steering wheel; maneuvering wildly towards the valley of death as each moment unfurled by, Without him I was indeed a butterfly; but without my hinges of opalescent wings; lying dilapidated in a remote heap; well cloistered away from blatant sight, Without him I was indeed a desert; but without my glistening fleet of unsurpassable sands and the long line of ambling camels; which used to mark my existence, Without him I was indeed a road; but without any direction; slithering helplessly on the ground; trying to search for my mooring under the devil's breath, Without him I was indeed a diamond; but without my scintillating radiance and tenaciously omnipotent shine, Without him I was indeed a mouth; but without my speech and decaying in mute oblivion for the remainder of my tyrannized life, Without him I was indeed an eye; but without my tears; staring lifelessly and for times greater than eternity into satanic space, Without him I was indeed a stone; but without my ability to produce thunderous noise, Without him I was indeed a clown; but without any ability to make people leap in ecstatic melody and leap, Without him I was indeed a sleep; but without my 1 God – by Nikhil Parekh dreams and unprecedented realms of tantalizing fantasy, Without him I was indeed a palm; but without my battalion of profoundly embossed and divinely destiny lines, Without him I was indeed a heart; but without my overwhelming reservoir of passionately palpitating beats, Without him I was indeed a soul; but without my conscience or knowing the slightest about the spirit of my existence, And without God I was simply a Man; who although appeared to be normally breathing on the streets; but was irrefutably shivering and without life…..

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