200 ways to revive a hard drive

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Of course, in order to read the disk and list the files for us, they had to make a repair to the drive. When it was returned to us I was able to slave it in another machine and copy all of its contents—just finished before their juryrigged repair failed on us. Full data recovery for $100—not a bad deal, huh? From: Spike There are many different ways to approach this. It should depend on the O/S involved. • In a Win95 situation, the first thing is to check the BIOS configuration and make sure that the user didn't inadvertently turn off the HDD.

Boot the machine. 2 Boot disk. C: dir. • If I can see the files and directories, I can then either slave a driveor put another master on a 2nd controller, and then copy data to the drive or to a formatted a:\disk. From:Bryan J. ” • First, get physical access to being able to see the disk drive and then use some type of diagnostic utility (off a boot floppy) to see if the drive is even recognized. • If there are no lights on the controller and the diagnostics do not identify a valid drive, then you can usually recover quite easily.

Boot sector or partition table possibly bad in drive. Could use Norton Utility to debug if you like living dangerously. Other alternatives include sending drive to a data recovery firm for data recovery (expensive), or re- FDISK and start all over (free, but data gone). From: Curtis Coons Run Norton's recovery disks. This is done from DOS. From: Mike Metcalfe The process of restoring a drive is fairly straightforward. It relies on just a few facts: 1. The drive data is in BIOS correctly. 2. The data cable is in good condition.

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