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Swing, flexing "Tennis (lateral elbow" results froman epicondylitis) inflammation oftheextensor tendons onthelateral epicondyle ofthehumerus (imagine thebackhand swing, extending theelbow). 52 a. Muscles (1) The coracobrachialis is a small muscle arising from the coracoidprocess. (2) The biceps brachii is the principal flexor of the forearm at the elbow joint. rlsupinator of the forearm. (3) Brachialis lies deep to bicepsbrachii. b. Innervation. All musclesof the flexor compartment of the arm are supplied by the musculocutaneous nerve.

Cellsof the epidermis 1. IGratinoc''tes arethe most numerousand areresponsiblefor the production oftle family of keratin proteinsthat provide the barrier function of the epidermis. 2. Melanocytesare derivativesof neural crestectoderm,They are found in the dermis and arealsoscatteredamongthe keratinocftesin the basallayersof the epiderrnis,Thesedendritic cellsproducethe pigment melanin in the form of melanosomesthat are transferredto keratinocftes. 3. Theyhavealsobeenfound in other parts of the body,including the oral cavity and lymph nodes.

The three headsof the triceps are supplied by the radial nerve. 4 . The roof of the cubital fossa is formed by deepfasciaand by the bicipital aponeurosis,which is part of the insertion of the bicepsbrachii. Contents of the cubital fossainclude the following: Anatomy: Musculoskeletal a. It lies superficialto the bicipital aponeurosis. b. The biceps tendon inserts on the radial tuberosity. c. The brachial artery lies medial to the biceps tendon and terminates by dividing into radial and ulnar arteries.

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