21st Century Anthropology: A Reference Handbook (21st by H. James Birx

By H. James Birx

21st Century Anthropology: A Reference Handbook highlights an important issues, concerns, questions, and debates any pupil acquiring a level within the box of anthropology should have mastered for effectiveness within the twenty first century. This two-volume set presents undergraduate majors with an authoritative reference resource that serves their examine wishes with extra certain details than encyclopedia entries yet in a transparent, available sort, without jargon, pointless aspect or density.
Key Features
- Emphasizes key curricular themes, making it necessary for college students learning for time period papers, getting ready for GREs, or contemplating issues for a senior thesis, graduate measure, or career.
- Comprehensive, providing complete assurance of key subthemes and subfields in the self-discipline, similar to utilized anthropology, archaeology and paleontology, sociocultural anthropology, evolution, linguistics, actual and organic anthropology, primate stories, and more.
- Offers uniform bankruptcy constitution so scholars can simply find key details, inside of those sections: advent, conception, tools, purposes, comparability, destiny instructions, precis, Bibliography & feedback for extra interpreting, and go References.
- Available in print or electronically at SAGE Reference on-line, delivering scholars with handy, quick access to its contents. 

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