A Bird in Hand by Allison Lane

By Allison Lane

A bold younger lord, seeing a tender girl floundering in an icy river, instantly dives to her rescue. yet in saving her existence, he virtually loses his personal! whilst he involves, he unearths himself by myself with the mysterious woman in a small state cottage. And notwithstanding he had effectively refrained from the marriage-minded maidens of the "ton" for years, he felt honor-bound to suggest to his appealing benefactor. in any case, that they had spent the evening on my own, and the scandal will be insufferable. however the girl vehemently refuses, and disappears. however the younger lord unearths himself now not so prepared to allow move of her, and the chase is on.

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He could not have made his hatred plainer if he had scrawled it in foot-high letters across the front of the Manor. What a coil! Wedding Mr. Randolph was impossible, but the only way to avoid it was to leave home. How would she manage? She could not throw herself on Aunt Constance's mercy. It would be the first place Fosdale looked for her, and Constance had neither the strength of will nor the power to prevent him from forcing her home. If only she had not blurted out the one thing she had planned to keep secret!

Confusion filled his eyes, as if he had run into an unexpected wall. " "Later. I have more pressing business just now. " "Randolph,” he repeated with new recognition. “That was what he was mumbling last night. " "The coachman's name is John. " "Of course. Wendell will direct you. And he will find you a bed. ” He motioned to the butler, then returned to his breakfast. Randolph grimaced as he followed Wendell upstairs. He had expected to straighten out the confusion of identities as soon as Sedge awoke, but that was no longer possible.

She laughed. “Think you that such threats will sway me? I care nothing for Society. The opinions of strangers count less than the bleating of your sheep. Tell everyone you know. If they cut me, it is no loss. But if anyone asks me, I will gladly describe your greedy scheming. " "Don't try to deny it, for I overheard you. Why do you think I rushed to Constance's sickbed? " Randolph frowned, staying out of their argument. If even half of her claims were true, Fosdale was worse than the London matchmakers.

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