A Brief History of South American Metatherians: Evolutionary by Francisco J. Goin, Michael O. Woodburne, Ana Natalia Zimicz,

By Francisco J. Goin, Michael O. Woodburne, Ana Natalia Zimicz, Gabriel M. Martin, Laura Chornogubsky

This publication summarizes significant features of the evolution of South American metatherians, together with their epistemologic, phylogenetic, biogeographic, faunal, tectonic, paleoclimatic, and metabolic contexts. a quick assessment of the evolution of every significant South American lineage ("Ameridelphia", Sparassodonta, Didelphimorphia, Paucituberculata, Microbiotheria, and Polydolopimorphia) is supplied. it really is argued that as a result of physiological constraints, metatherian evolution heavily the stipulations imposed by way of international temperatures. often phrases, throughout the Paleocene and the early Eocene a number of radiations of metatherian lineages happened, with many adaptive forms exploiting insectivorous, frugivorous, and omnivorous adaptive zones. In flip, a mix of generalized and really expert kinds, the latter usually exploiting carnivorous and granivorous-folivorous adaptive zones, characterised the second one 1/2 the Cenozoic. In either sessions, weather was once the severe driving force in their radiation and turnovers.

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In: Borrello AV, Pascual R (eds) Paleontografía Bonaerense, 4: Vertebrata 2. Com Invest Cien Prov Buenos Aires, La Plata, pp 3–12 Pascual R, Bond M, Vucetich MG (1981) El Subgrupo Santa Bárbara (Grupo Salta) y sus vertebrados. Cronología, paleoambientes y paleobiogeografía. Actas 8 Congr Geol Arg 3: 743–758 Pascual R, Ortiz-Jaureguizar E, Prado JL (1996) Land mammals: paradigm of Cenozoic South American geobiotic evolution. In: Arratia G (ed) Contributions of Southern South America to vertebrate paleontology München Geowiss Abh (A) 30, München Patterson (1937) Didelphines from the Pliocene of Argentine.

5b, c). The remaining one, the Didelphimorphia (Figs. 5a), is distributed throughout all of South and Central America, and the southern and eastern portion of North America to the border between USA and Canada. The Order Microbiotheria includes a single living species, the “monito del monte” Dromiciops gliroides Thomas, which is restricted to the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest (sensu Olson et al. 2001; Martin 2010) (Fig. 5b). The Order Paucituberculata includes six or seven species allocated in three genera: Caenolestes, Lestoros and Rhyncholestes, with a distribution concentrated in the Andean “páramos” and “subpáramos”, the upper stratum of the Yungas in Perú, Bolivia and adjacent areas (for Caenolestes and Lestoros), and the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest (for Rhyncholestes; Brown 2004; Martin 2008, 2011; Myers and Patton 2008; Patterson 2008; Timm and Patterson 2008) (Fig.

Rev Sci 51:13–17 Ameghino F (1893b) New discoveries of a fosil Mammalia of Southern Patagonia. Amer Nat 27:445 Ameghino F (1893c) Les premieres mammiferes. Relation entre les mammiféres diprotodontes eocenes de l´Amerique du Nord et deux de la Republique Argentine. Rev Gen Sci Pures et Appliq 4(3):77 Ameghino F (1898) Sinopsis geológico-paleontológica de la República Argentina. In: Segundo Censo de la República Argentina, Vol 1, La Plata Ameghino F (1900) Presencia de mamíferos diprotodontes en los depósitos terciarios de Panamá.

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