A Career-Changer’s Checklist: Twelve Common-Sense Questions by Warren E. Wyrostek

By Warren E. Wyrostek

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I was not only a trainer but also the owner of a training company that was a sole proprietorship. It was great. I was going from client site to client site, offering authorized instruction, and cutting down on the client’s need to travel to a brick-and-mortar building. Then Novell changed the rules and required that I erect a brick-and-mortar establishment to teach their courses. My model was no longer accepted. I had to deal with an external force, a corporate restriction. I went round and round with the person in charge of the program, and he would not budge.

If so, how long will you get benefits? To summarize, here are the top 10 big questions you have to consider when changing careers: 1. What will it cost to find a job? 2. What are the costs and associated costs of changing careers, and what are the hidden costs? 3. What will it cost to break in to the new job or career? 4. What will it cost to maintain your new career? 5. What will your ROI be? 6. What relocation costs are associated with changing careers? 7. What education costs are associated with your new career?

CHAPTER 5 What Can You Afford to Do? (Economic Reality! ) #2: What Are the Costs and Associated Costs of Changing Careers, and What Are the Hidden Costs? This is a tough question to respond to, and it requires a lot of research to find the pitfalls and “gotchas” that can pop up. You can believe that Murphy’s Law comes into play here. If you think you know what all the costs are, you will definitely be surprised when an unknown pops up—and one always does. #3: What Will It Cost to Break In to the New Job or Career?

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