A concise Greek-English dictionary of the New Testament by Barclay M. Newman

By Barclay M. Newman

A Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the hot testomony

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1993: 278) the representation is y However, if the referent is either in short-term memoryy or in long-term memory. p lpresent in shortth representation in long-term memory, y if a distinction between a cognitive status familiar referents belong to the general (world) knowledge of the addressee or the shared knowledge of speaker and hearer. 1 below. 38 Theoretical Foundations of the nominal alone. Referential means that the speaker intends to refer to a particular object or objects. The addressee must either retrieve an existing representation of the referent or construct a new representation of it.

2, I outline the theory of accessibility and the choice of referring expression in discourse, including the interaction between accessibility p . 3, I discuss the properties and uses of three major exponents of definiteness, personal pronouns, definite articles and demonstratives. In this section, I also discuss the question as to when a demonstrative has become a definite article and a personal pronoun. 1 Definiteness In this section, I discuss the well-known uniqueness, familiarity, inclusiveness and identifiability hypotheses of definiteness, before I argue in favour of defiy of discourse referents.

Lyons (1999) states the difference between familiarity and identifip y account the tells the hearer that he knows which, on the identifiability account it tells him that he knows which or can work out which (Lyons 1999: 6). 24 A referent is d (Lambrecht 1994: 77 78). More specifically, identifiability of a referent can be established in one of the following ways (Lambrecht 1994: 87): – The referent is unique because in the universe of discourse there is only one referent which can be designated by the noun phrase in question ( the sun, the president of the United States, John, mom).

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