A Designers Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers by Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts

By Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts

A Designers advisor to Instrumentation Amplifiers, written by way of Charles Kitchin and Lew Counts, supplies a finished review of Instrumentation Amplifier know-how and alertness.

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The resistor ratios establish the preamp gain at 10. The output of the preamp drives a gain-of-2 buffer amplifier A2, implemented with carefully matched feedback resistors R F. The two-stage system architecture of the AD8202 (Figure 4-2) enables the user to incorporate a low-pass filter prior to the output buffer. By separating the gain into two stages, a full-scale, rail-to-rail signal from the preamp can be filtered at Pin 3, and a half-scale signal resulting from filtering can be restored to full scale by the output buffer amp.

Other features include rail-to-rail output voltage swing, low supply current, microsmall outline packaging, low input and output voltage offset, microvolt/dc offset level drift, high common-mode rejection, and only one external resistor to set the gain. Figure 3-19. AD622 Gain Nonlinearity (G = 1, RL = 10 k, Vertical Scale: 20 V = 2 ppm) 3-8 As shown in Figure 3-21, the input signal is applied to PNP transistors acting as voltage buffers and dc level shifters. 1% of 50 k in each amplifiers (A1 and A2) feedback path ensures accurate gain programmability.

For a gain of 10, leave Pin 1 and Pin 8 open. This provides excellent gain stability over temperature, as the on-chip gain resistor tracks the TC of the feedback resistor. Figure 3-10 is a simplified schematic of the AD621. 15% and 5 ppm/C gain drift, the AD621 has much greater built-in accuracy than the AD620. 7 k, allowing the gain to be programmed accurately with a single external resistor. 4 kΩ RG So that The AD621 may also be operated at gains between 10 and 100 by using an external gain resistor, although gain error and gain drift over temperature will be degraded.

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