A Dictionary of Scientists (Oxford Paperback Reference) by John Daintith, Derek Gjertsen

By John Daintith, Derek Gjertsen

For scientists of every age this can be a nice publication with concise descriptions of 100's of scientists from the Greeks onwards. a quick description in their family members heritage, whilst born and died is by way of all you must comprehend, approximately their major clinical endeavors. There are few visible omissions yet i need to deliver to job the editors for no longer directory might be the best British chemist of the 19th century - Sir Joseph Wilson Swan (inventor of the electrical mild bulb; smooth photographic paper and the creation of polymeric fibres).

At this rate you won't discover a larger fast reference booklet.

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Avogadro's contribution to chemisty was not appreciated in his own lifetime. The importance and truth of the theory was unrecognized until 1860 when his fellow Italian. Stanislao CANNIZZARO, forcefully restated it at the Karlsruhe Conference and demonstrated that it was the key needed to unlock the problem of atomic and molecular weights. The number of particles in one mole of a substance was named Avogadro's constant or number in his honor. 022 52 × 1023. Axelrod, Julius (1912- ) American Neuropharmacologist Axelrod was born in New York City and educated there at the City College.

From 1909 he worked mainly with the 33-inch (84-cm) refracting telescope at the observatory at Meudon. He became a French citizen in 1928. In his two works La Planète Mars (1930) and La Planète Mercure (1934). Antoniadi published the results of many years' observations and presented the best maps of Mars and Mercury to appear until the space probes of recent times. With regard to Mars he took the strong line: "Nobody has ever seen a genuine canal on Mars," attributing the "completely illusory canals," seen by astronomers such as Percival Lowell and Flammarion, to irregular natural features of the Martian surface.

Besides his post at Bell Laboratories (where he was consulting director for physics research) Anderson worked as a parttime visiting professor in England at Cambridge and from 1975 held a professorship at Princeton In the late 1980s Anderson became a controversial figure in the physics community by arguing before Congress that the proposed SSC (Superconducting Super Collider) to be built in Texas at a cost of $8 billion would yield neither practical benefits nor any fundamental truths that could not be gained elsewhere and more cheaply.

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