A Hat Full of Sky: The Continuing Adventures of Tiffany by Terry Pratchett

By Terry Pratchett

The Heroine: Tiffany Aching, incipient witch and cheese maker extraordinaire. as soon as stored global from Queen of the Elves. is set to find that fighting evil monarchs is kid's play in comparison to mortal wrestle with a Hiver (see below). At 11 years previous, is boldest heroine ever to have faced the Forces of Darkness whereas armed with a frying pan. The danger: A Hiver, insidious disembodied presence interested in robust magic. hugely risky, often deadly. can't be stopped with iron or hearth. Its goal: Tiffany Aching (see above). The Nac Mac Feegle: A.k.a. the Wee unfastened males. top: six inches. colour: blue. Famed for consuming, stealing, and scuffling with. Will assault something greater than themselves. individuals contain: Rob anyone, Daft Wullie, and particularly Wee Billy Bigchin. Allies to Tiffany Aching (see above). The publication: Hilarious, breathtaking, spine-tingling sequel to the acclaimed Wee loose males. the writer: Terry Pratchett, celebrated author of the the world over best-selling Discworld sequence. Carnegie Medalist and author extraordinaire.

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You are very nervous,” said Tiffany. ” Miss Tick sighed. “It was probably nothing,” she said. ” “Yes. Um. A shamble, you see, can be used as a simple magic detector and amplifier. It’s actually very crude, but it’s always useful to make one in times of distress and confusion. I think I . . probably didn’t make it right. ” “You made it because you were worried,” said Tiffany. “Worried? Certainly not. “However, since you raise the subject, I was concerned. Something was making me uneasy. Something close, I think.

Asked Rob. “Exactly so,” said the toad. ” Rob asked, without much hope. “No, my man’s got to do both,” said Jeannie, folding her arms. When a female Feegle does that, there’s no hope left. “Ach, it’s a terrible thing for a man when his wumman gangs up on him wi’ a toad,” said Rob, shaking his head. But when he turned to look at the grubby paper, there was just a hint of pride in his face. ” he said, grinning. Jeannie nodded. “Just there, all by itself and no’ on a WANTED poster or anything. ” “Yes, Rob,” said the kelda.

It was a little bit cruel, but sometimes you had to be. Anyway, it would be very hard to miss the cart. If you ran fast, you could easily overtake it. It was so slow that “stop” never came as a surprise. The carrier went around the villages every other day, picking up packages and, sometimes, people. You just found a place where you could get comfortable among the 27 boxes of fruit and rolls of cloth. Tiffany sat on the back of the cart, her old boots dangling over the edge, swaying backward and forward as the cart lurched away on the rough road.

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