A Short History of British Colonial Policy, 1606-1909 by H. E. et al Egerton

By H. E. et al Egerton

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13 under M. Atilius Regulus, Atilius Serranus, and Q. Fabius Maxim us. e. (n. 9 above). A. Holland, " Forerunners and Rivals of the Primitive Roman Bridge, " TAP A 80 (1949) 281-319, esp. 281-83, with map showing the Fosso Galeria, 282; for the Fosso Galeria as an old shortcut to the salt marshes, see 290-92. 15 See John Ward Perkins, " Southern Etruria and the Ager Veientanus," PBSR 23 (1955) 44-72, especially 68-69 on the neighborhood of Santa Maria di Galeria. The author shows that the mediaeval Galeria is not, as generally believed, to be identified with Careiae.

Geographical Distribution of the Tribes in Italy I have usually, but not always, accepted the view of Beloch and Fraccaro. The investigation has led me into questions of Boman agrarian policy and into the thorny problem of the origin and development of the municipality. I have cited only a small portion of the available bibliography, much, but not all, of which I have examined. N. 12 It should be emphasized that my study of the tribes of Italian towns and of the date of their incorporation in Boman territory is not exhaustive.

V. 44 Fabia tribus, " DE; Nissen, I. c. (n. 9 above). 4. The Location of the Seventeen Oldest Rural Tribes 41 ecuting the war. The Fabia tribe, embracing the land of the Fabii and their clients, would then have adjoined the territory of Veii south of the Cremera, scene of the legendary defeat of the Fabii. If this was the site of the Fabia, it was the northernmost of the tribes on the right bank. This suggested position of the Fabia may help to fix the sites of the Galeria and the Bomilia on the right bank.

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