A Woman's Book of Rituals and Celebrations by Barbara Ardinger

By Barbara Ardinger

This is a instruction manual on how you can practice sacred ceremonies within the culture of Goddess spirituality in one's own residence with usual home items. An annual cycle of celebrations is integrated, as is suggestion on find out how to organize an altar and use basic instruments. the writer, a practitioner of Wicca (witchcraft), expounds the life-affirming, eco-feminist values of that culture. feedback for rituals and concepts for inventing one's personal are given. Poetry and benefits mixture in a identify which helps party of the Goddess picture in lifestyle. those rituals are own, relocating rites which rejoice love and peace, and which act as meditations for contemplating new rituals, previous traditions, and the process women's lives.

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Their modern children—we who call ourselves Neo-Pagans or Witches or other followers of the new earth-based religions—are returning to or reinventing these ancient observations and celebrations. Author/astrologer Demetra George says that one reason we’re re-creating our new/old religion is that the Goddess Herself is re-emerging into the world. Like the moon, Her life moves in phases and cycles. Her new moon phase was the dawn of the Upper Paleolithic (ca. ), when humankind walked out of Africa and began to settle in western Europe.

That’s mindfulness. I want to enlarge this process: let’s turn it into “rememberfulness” and get rid of the alarm. How? Try this. Go about your regular day at the office or the plant or at home, and do all the zillions of things you normally do. At the same time, reserve one small, side corner of your mind to remember. Anytime you come to a stopping place, pull the contents of this small, side corner forward and remember. Remember who you are—a divine child, part of the consciousness of the planet, a member of a community.

Make a circle with these photos around the two white candles, your own kids, and the earth. Light your candles. Close your eyes and take several deep, easy breaths. Feel the blessing energy from the candles, the cleansing energy of the white light. Feel the energy of all these children, both at their most raucous and adventuresome play, and in repose, study, or sleep. Spend some time thinking about the energy and wonder children bring to our lives—seeing ordinary things through their new eyes, for example, or living each day as a new adventure.

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