Abraham's Children. Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of by Kelly James Clark

By Kelly James Clark

Scarcely any kingdom in ultra-modern international can declare to be freed from intolerance. Israel and Palestine, Northern eire, the Sudan, the Balkans, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and the Caucasus are only a number of the components of intractable clash, it sounds as if encouraged or exacerbated through non secular changes. Can committed Jews, Christians, or Muslims stay actual to their very own basic ideals and practices, but additionally locate paths towards liberty, tolerance, and recognize for these of alternative faiths?

In this very important publication, fifteen influential practitioners of the Abrahamic religions tackle non secular liberty and tolerance from the views in their personal religion traditions. Former President Jimmy Carter, Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Indonesia's first democratically elected president, Abdurrahman Wahid, and the opposite writers draw on their own reviews and at the sacred writings which are valuable of their personal non secular lives. instead of hoping on "pure reason," as secularists might...

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Paper) 1. Freedom of religion. 2. Religious tolerance. 3. Abrahamic religions. 4. Religions—Relations. I. 5—dc23 2011044936 A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. 48-1992 (Permanence of Paper). 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 To Stewart Shapiro who prodded/inspired me/this project Peace When will you ever, Peace, wild wooddove, shy wings shut, Your round me roaming end, and under be my boughs? When, when, Peace, will you, Peace? I’ll not play hypocrite To own my heart: I yield you do come sometimes; but That piecemeal peace is poor peace.

Arthur Brooks, Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism (New York: Basic Books, 2006), 38. 15. Not Christian belief, as was widely but erroneously reported. The killer was a self-confessed atheist. 16. These citations are often highly contentious and foisted upon those who do not have direct access to the texts. 17. Richard Rorty writes: “Many responsibilities begin in dreams, and many transfigurations of the tradition begin in private fantasies. Think, for example, of Plato’s or St.

Although people with deep and sincere moral or religious convictions are often intolerant, deep and sincere moral or religious convictions can provide the preconditions of tolerance. Without a robust sense of rightness with respect to religious beliefs or moral practices, tolerance is simply not possible. Tolerance comes from the Latin tolerare, “to bear or endure”; it connotes putting up with a weight or a burden. Tolerance is, at first glance, the disposition to endure or bear beliefs and practices that one takes to be either false or immoral.

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