Air Entrained Concrete by Akram PA

By Akram PA

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Изображения: черно-белые фото, цветные рисункиA new and unrivalled ebook in challenging again certain volumes. Seven volumes will disguise, extensive, the background of the AFV from the 1st lumbering giants of worldwide battle I to the Panzers. Cruisers and Shermans of worldwide conflict II and the ultimate—the automatic killers of at the present time with their infra-red illuminators and detectors.

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It is developed by singing the vowel E, as follows: eeeeeeee [as in d‚j vu]. Faculty: Magic Hearing. CHAKRA OF THE HEART. It is developed by vocalising the letter O, as follows: oooooooo. , etc.. SAMAEL AUN WEOR 41 CHAKRA OF THE NAVEL. It is developed by singing the vowel U, as follows: uuuuuuuu [as in moon]. Faculties: Telepathy. CHAKRAS OF THE LUNGS. These are developed by singing the letter A, as follows: aaaaaaaa. Faculty: Remembrance of past existence’s. A. is the order of the vowels. All mantras are formed with these letters.

I was resting on my back on the nuptial bed, in a relaxed state. I must solemnly assert, for the good of the Great Cause, that at that time I was in a condition of alert for the new, alert perception. I dozed, observant and vigilant, as a watchman in times of war. I obviously yearned with infinite craving for something extraordinary. 60 THE THREE MOUNTAINS After the well-known, customary invocations, I felt as if another human being was settling on my relaxed body, on the blankets and bedclothes that were delightfully protecting me from the cold of the night.

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