Alien: The Strange Life and Times of Mendelson Joe by Mendelson Joe and Nadia Halim

By Mendelson Joe and Nadia Halim

He believes that conversing out could make a distinction, that girls are the one wish for the long run, and that there is fact in an outstanding blues track. He does not think in God, compromise, or schmaltz. Meet Mendelson Joe: musician, artist, activist, and avid author of letters to Canadian politicians and editors. Alien brings jointly the superior of Joe's art, in addition to vast interviews with the guy and the folks who comprehend him. Joe holds forth at the issues that fascinate him: the feminine physique, bikes, rabbits, nature, paintings, and song. He tells of traveling the realm together with his blues-rock band Mendelson McKenna Mainline within the early '70s, sharing live performance levels with burlesque strippers, and getting to know a fondness for paintings after rescuing a suite of acrylic paints from a trashcan. He additionally talks concerning the issues that make him indignant: the stupidity of people, who "piss the place they drink," destroying the surroundings via greed and carelessness; the therapy of girls by means of males; racism. And Joe's acquaintances and associates speak about understanding this humorous, proficient, and deeply principled man who is by no means afraid to talk his brain.

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Until we got our record deal — even after we got our record deal — we had to go all over England and Scotland in the back of a fucking little truck. I mean a small truck, not even as big as a minivan. Full of equipment, with four musicians, plus the driver, who was also the equipment man. It was horrible! Once we played some town in the south of England, and I had to go and convince a guy to pay us. I know I can be intimidating, and in some cases my intimidating nature got me out of sticky situations.

BMW makes a good bike. Harley Davidson makes the icon of conformity for people who have small dicks. It's all about noise. If you want to be a real man, you buy a Harley. A Japanese bike means you're not a real man. I'm not a real man, I have a Yamaha. The best bikes on the planet are Japanese, in my opinion. I am a hypocrite, because I ride a polluting machine, and I allege to be an environmentalist. But I try very hard not to be a hypocrite. I never go for a ride for pleasure; I only use it as a utilitarian machine.

They had bars, but ballrooms were dance halls. They were nice, physically nice. We once did a lovely dancehall in Detroit called the Grandee Ballroom. It was gorgeous. So we were doing big halls where people danced, or often they sat on the floor. SUCCESS IN CANADA So we got a record deal. We signed to Liberty/United Artist Records, made an album, and we came back to Canada. We should have 34 ALIEN stayed in England, built our following higher and higher, and then gone from there to the States and other places on various tours.

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