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1066 and The conflict Of Hastings

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Finally, there was the choice of At the The new king should, ideally, be a the magnates of England, the time it was blood relative of the dead ruler. most powerful men in the land. claimed that But the examples of Sweyn A king could not rule without Edward the Confessor Forkbeard and, especially, their assent and, in choosing the Cnut had shown that might new king, theirs were the most had decided to be trumped claims of blood. And powerful voices. Assembled celibate, thus leaving the only available blood relative as they were, there can be no no direct heir to to Edward was the young – no doubt that England’s magnates more than 13 – Edgar Ætheling, chose Harold as king; a choice made the throne the grandson of Edmund Ironside.

Earl Godwin agreed to come to throne of England London to stand before the king and answer the But the king had not forgotten what had charge of treason. With both armies on opposite happened to his brother. And, in 1051, he moved banks of the Thames at London, the Godwins against his over-mighty earl and his family. Edward 39 Sowing the seeds The scandalous life and death of Harold’s elder brother Sweyn Godwinson, the eldest son of Earl Godwin and Harold’s elder brother, led a tumultuous life.

With support crumbling, Earl Godwin and his sons fled into exile, while Edward promptly put his queen, Godwin’s daughter, into a nunnery. The kingdom was the king’s, finally. Or was it…? 1037 O A new king Harold Harefoot, another son of Cnut, is crowned king of England. 17 March 1040 17 June 1040 O Another king O And a new bites the dust king arrives Harold Harefoot Harthacnut lands dies. He is only 24. in England and is crowned king. 8 June 1042 O The king is dead, long live the king Harthacnut dies.

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