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A lot of heritage will depend on victories and defeats in conflict. learn the strategies and techniques that formed the world’s most important campaigns via distinct conflict maps, diagrams and poignant photographs. during this re-creation, comprehend what elements contributed to the results and discover how such occasions have formed the identification of societies around the globe.

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07 06 04 CAVALRY IMPORTANT UNIT Fast, agile and – in the Normans’ case – incredibly well trained, the cavalry arguably won this battle. Strengths A unit with excellent manoeuvrability and speed. Weakness Vulnerable to spear/ pike-wielding infantry as well as flanking archer fire. LONGSPEAR The tactic worked, drawing Anglo-Saxons out of the shield wall and down the hill. This forced the wall to contract, reducing its width and finally exposed Harold and his few elite cavalry units. The portion of the Anglo-Saxon shield wall that had pursued the Norman-French cavalry was surrounded and killed.

A long thrusting dagger, the dirk was used by officers in the Scottish Highland regiments and it was prominent in the 13th century. It is thought William Heselrig, the English sheriff or Lanark, was killed by a dirk and that Wallace killed the leader of a group of English youths using one when he was 19. The dirk would double up as a utility tool and it was worn on a Scotsman’s kilt. The Battle of Stirling Bridge resulted in a great victory for the Scottish JOHN DE WARENNE English, 1231-1304 The 6th Earl of Surrey was a military commander during Edward I’s reign.

08 06 Quest for personal glory Bruce set the Scots to work immediately digging hundreds of shallow pits along both sides of the Roman Road on the north side of the Bannockburn. The Scots dug one-foot-wide, three-foot-deep holes that they covered with grass and brush. The pits were intended to disrupt an English cavalry attack – when a horse stepped into the pit both horse and rider would come crashing to the ground. On the morning of 23 June, the Scottish vanguard advanced up the road toward the Bannockburn crossing.

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