An Elementary Arithmetic by G. A. Wentworth

By G. A. Wentworth

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What What What What Note. does the figure on the left show ? does the figure on the right show is the is the number 11 number 12 It is absolutely ? called ? Eleven. called ? Twelve. ) kept distinct by rubber bands, show the compositions of numbers containing tens and and to show also that the counting of units of tens is exactly the same as the counting of single units. in order to ones ; Oral and slate exercises ROBINS. ROBINS. 8 6 5 1 3 7 2 4 9 + + + + + + + + + = ? = ? = ? = ? = ? = ? = ? = ?

How many 2's in 6 How many -oranges are one-half of 6 oranges ? How many apples are one-third of 6 apples ? times 3 When we many take one-half of 6 oranges, into equal parts do When we many ? we divide the 6 oranges we di^ide the 6 apples ? how ? take one-third of 6 apples, into equal parts do ? how LESSON 28 28. S3 3 3 5 59 Here are 8 blocks, How many times must Nora go to bring these me blocks to if she brings just 2 blocks each time Then 8 blocks divided by But if Nora divides the blocks 2 blocks parts, how many Then = two equal into blocks will there be in each part 8 blocks divided by 2 = ?

What are three of the parts called ? How many quarters of a melon make a whole melon ? How many make quarters of a melon half of a melon ? How many make quarters of a dollar a half dollar How many How many and a half make a dollar ? quarters of a dollar make 2 dollars ? make one dollar quarters of a dollar make one quarters of a dollar ? How many and a quarter dollar ? If a pie is cut into quarters, and Mary, Tom, and Harry each haye a quarter, how many quarters will be left for Alice If half of a pie is part of the lohole pie What together ?

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