An Illustrated Dictionary of Art and Archaeology by J W MOLLETT


The Illustrated Dictionary of artwork and Archaeology includes definitions of millions of phrases and greater than seven hundred illustrations dedicated to a wide base of material less than the commonly- inclusive heading of paintings and Archaeology. integrated during this definitive paintings are phrases utilized in structure and in such comparable topics as pottery, dress, furnishings, armor, heraldry, weaving, decoration, jewellery, song, and ecclesiastical ritual. Needlework, ivories, goldsmithery, and pigments also are widely handled, as are Greek, Roman, and Christian antiquities. the entire compilations that went into the complete paintings have been drawn from top specialists in all of the distinct topic branches.

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There was also the auspicium cceleste or signa ex ccelo, of which the most, important was a Hash of lightning from a clear sky. Resides these there were the auspicia pulla; ia, or auspices taken from the sacred chickens ; the auspicia pcdcslria, caduca, &c. ) Authepsa, Gr. and R. {avd(\pr]s). Literally a self-boiler ; it was a sort of kettle or cauldron, which was exposed to the rays ot the sun, to heat the water within it ; whether, however, the ancients had attained the art of raising water to boiling heat, in this manner, it is impossible to say.

I will Made A give thee an alner of silk and gold clear. ) Aulos, Gr. The Greeks gave this name to all wind instruments of the flute, or oboe, kind ; it was not blown at the side like a flute, but by a (In. 52 quadrangular, halo the bodies of< In 1 it, is (sc minimus, the mystical When velopes the head only it is called the Aureole. ) R. ). Aureus, gold;. circular, or elliptic were ; not," loth -< A oi consulted but in Rome questions were addressed to Jupiter, who an- swered A with (mirum, ( ii oracles of E.

Durand says it is a proper covering for the head, typical of the helmet of by the apostle; or of the Jews covered the Saviour's when they asked him to prophecy who salvation alluded to cloth with which the face, struck him. alludes to it, Fig. 18. The ambo of St. in Paradise Regained, "Morning v ; Milton, Came Lawrence at Rome. " A Amma, Egyp. measure of length in use (1) the ancient Egyptians. It was about sixty feet. kind of line used in land surveying. (2) Amman, Egyp. The door which formed the exit from the abode of the dead.

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