Analysis of Social Aspects of Migrant Labourers Living with by W.B. Vasantha Kandasamy

By W.B. Vasantha Kandasamy

HIV/AIDS is everybody's company. at the present time, it's extra a subject matter of society, than an issue of medicine...

In this daring try out that searches for sociological ideas, the gripping actual existence tales of sixty migrant labourers dwelling with HIV/AIDS in rural Tamil Nadu, India, were documented. Their socio-psychological points were analyzed utilizing the most recent fuzzy mathematical instruments like Fizzy Cognitive Maps, Bidirectional Associative thoughts, and Fuzzy Relational Maps. a result of have to characterize the realm, Neutrosophy (the philosophy of neutralities) and its attached constitution, Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps, were hired for his or her precise skill to address indeterminacy among ideas.

Presented in a lucid demeanour, this ebook is a crucial contribution to HIV/AIDS literature.

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Finally some (2 or 3) of them were runaways and they were platform dwellers. A5 - Wrong/Bad Company This term needs lot of explanation as an attribute for it carried lot of effect on the individual becoming an HIV/AIDS victim. In the first place wrong company does not mean all are bad: we just use this broad category to stress on negative peer-group influence that leads these youth astray. Youngsters join together to do deeds which have no moral or material significance, like first trying to smoke, trying to take drugs, trying to consume alcohol, seeing pornographic movies , pickpockets finally visiting CSWs.

He says not only he has shared his views with HIV/AIDS patients but also spent several hours talking about it with the kith and kin of many of the patients both male and female and he was very happy and excited while giving his opinion and discussing with us. He is a 7th standard failed man in his late thirties hailing from a village, and an agriculturist labourer by profession. Since at the first instance we were not very convinced of the nodes/attributes he has given we asked the reason for taking those as attributes and we in order to make the reader know the reason for taking those 58 nodes we have given the explanations as given by him.

3. They (most of them) are aware of STD / VD for they are at one stage or other victims of these diseases. Infact most of them had suffered this disease very frequently. 4. As all diseases like cancer, diabetes are incurable, so is HIV/AIDS. But this attitude has to change and people must understand that HIV/AIDS is now a livable chronic disease very frequently. But it is unfortunate that the doctors when they treat these patients for STD/VD do not make them know or convince them that they may end up with HIV/AIDS if they continue to have these habits.

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