Ancient Scandinavia : an archaeological history from the by T. Douglas Price

By T. Douglas Price

"Although occupied in basic terms particularly in brief within the lengthy span of global prehistory, Scandinavia is a rare laboratory for investigating prior human societies. the realm was once primarily unoccupied till the tip of the final Ice Age while the melting of massive ice sheets left in the back of a clean, barren land floor, which was once finally coated through wildlife. the 1st people didn't arrive until eventually someday after

"This publication is ready the prehistory of Scandinavia, from the 1st population to their Viking descendants. Scandinavia during this examine contains the trendy international locations of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. the 1st bankruptcy offers frameworks for realizing the prehistory of Scandinavia, targeting position, time, and archaeology. the following chapters are geared up by way of the foremost archeological divisions of the time among the coming of the 1st population, someday after 13,500 BC, and the top of the Viking interval, ca. advert 1050, from the tip of the Pleistocene, to the early Neolithic, to the Vikings. The archaeology of this area presents a superb point of view at the improvement of human society. it is a type of laboratory for the evolution of human tradition that permits us to ascertain distinct facts approximately previous adjustments in human society and to invite questions on what happened in this technique. Human teams in Scandinavia developed from small bands of migratory hunters to village farmers, metal-using tribes, and early states in approximately 10,000 years. whereas the focal point of this quantity is on Scandinavia, what has been realized there has implications throughout a wider set of archaeological questions: how do people colonize new areas, how do hunter-gatherers adapt to tricky environments, how do people focus on dramatic alterations of their surroundings, how very important was once the ocean for hunter-gatherers, why did foragers develop into farmers, what have been the results of farming, how did hierarchical social relationships boost, how did early states function? perception on those questions in Scandinavia sheds mild somewhere else within the prehistoric world"-- Read more...


historic Scandinavia presents a accomplished evaluation of the archaeological heritage of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Read more...

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His early career focused on Stone Age settlements in northern Norway, and his publications included Yngre steinalder i Nord-Norge (The young Stone Age in northern Norway, 1942) and Norges Steinalder (Norway’s Stone Age, 1945). , Gjessing 1948). A significant general trend in recent years has been the growth of archaeological sciences in Scandinavia and elsewhere. Scandinavia in fact witnessed the birth of scientific archaeology with the work of Christian Thomsen (Trigger 1990). Archaeozoology, archaeobotany, archaeometry, dating, molecular archaeology, and isotopic archaeology are varieties of the larger branch of archaeometry, and huge advances in these areas have been made in recent years.

The depth of information that is available makes it possible to answer questions that cannot yet be asked in many other places. The visibility of archaeology on the landscape of Scandinavia has played a major role in national identity, in public interest, and as a focus for study in this area for many years. The stark standing stones of the megalithic tombs of the Neolithic are scattered throughout the region, and the distinctive earthen barrows of the Bronze and Iron Age dot the skyline—constant reminders of the ancient past and magnets for the curious.

7. The extent of the Late Glacial Maximum ca.  2004). 16 A ncient S candina v ia per century (Björk and Digerfeldt 1982, Larsson 1991). The 59° parallel marks the approximate edge of the ice at the end of the Pleistocene. , Andersen 1980, Nygaard 1989). Most of Sweden and Norway were ice-free after 8,000 years ago. Even today, however, the ice is not completely gone, as the numerous small mountain glaciers in the highlands of Norway attest. Since warming, melting, and the disappearance of the ice sheet, the surface of the land in northern Europe has been rebounding from the removal of that enormous weight.

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