Animal Playtime by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

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Watch younger animals discover ways to play, and play to learn!

Children know about lifestyles via taking part in, and so do plenty of lovely animals. Following on from the highly winning titles Animal households, and massive infants, Little infants, Animal Playtime takes a playful peek at child lions chewing on daddy's tail, polar endure cubs utilizing their mom's hairy physique as a hiking body, and a tender monkey attempting to get away a parent's clutches to head off together with his friends.

Using uncomplicated language that kids will comprehend, Animal Playtime is for childrens to proportion with their mom and dad, and for them to discover by way of themselves, encouraging their delight in studying and encouraging them to find extra in regards to the impossible to resist creatures that scamper via its pages.

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They slide along on their stomachs before diving into the water with a splash. Let’s see who can dive the deepest. Playing together Most otters live in familes, and they form close bonds. Otters like jumping on their brothers and sisters and rolling over in pretend fights. In the water Otters spend a lot of time in rivers and lakes hunting for fish, crabs, and crayfish. They also like to duck and dive with each other just for fun. 29 Time for a rest Capybaras spend most of their time relaxing with their big family group.

You can try to hold me back Dad, but I’ll bite! 43 Monkey business There can be up to 60 baboons of all ages in a troop. The young members spend a lot of their time playing. Time to groom Baboons, like all monkeys, spend time grooming each other. It’s a way to show friendship. Whee! I like playing leapfrog! 44 This way, that way Monkeys can move fast. They will leap and twist very suddenly to change direction. It’s fun, and also helps them to avoid trouble. Muscle building Jumping, swinging, and climbing trees helps young baboons to grow strong.

61 Glossary When you’re learning about animals, it helps to know the meanings of some special words you’ll find in this book. colony a large group cygnet a young swan. kit a baby racoon. of animals (such as penguins) that lives closely together. Cygnets have gray feathers. Adult swans have white feathers. litter the name given conservation the flipper a flattened limb. protection of a particular area and the living things it contains. Sea lions have flippers, as do dolphins. to a group of newborn animals, such as kittens, that are born to the same mother.

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