Annals of Systems Research: Publikatie van de Systeemgroep by Mauk Mulder (auth.), B. van Rootselaar (eds.)

By Mauk Mulder (auth.), B. van Rootselaar (eds.)

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0 rtltm) = 0 ru(tt) (9b) = (Sti' Stt, Stf/tt) Integration and desintegration are limit cases for Rtm(tm) = 0 and Rtt(tt) = 0, respectively. In componential transformation the component set of the transformation is affected, be it enlarged, restricted or partially replaced. The total set of components C can be partitioned in three subsets Cti' Ctm and Cm of components that occur in both the transformand and the transformate, in the transformand only, and in the transformate only, respectively.

1970 2090 2010 2030 Fig. 5b 2050 2070 2090 ---+- WORLD DYNAMICS 37 List of abbreviations P CI NR POL CIAF MSL QL population capital investment natural resources pollution capital investment in agriculture fraction material standard of living quality of life References 1. Forrester, J. , World Dynamics. , Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1971. 2. Grinten, P. M. E. M. van der, Jong, P. J. de, World Dynamics, seen from the System and Control Engineering point of view (in Dutch). Chemisch Weekblad 10-12-1971, pp.

In a componential transformation of the second type the set of relations does not remain constant at the label level but is enlarged, restricted or partially (eventually wholly) replaced. The general model for the set of relations on the label level is: L( tm) = (Ltm' L tl ) L{tt) = (Ltl' L tt) (13) The relations within the sets are composed as follows: rtf{tm) = (Stl' Stm, Stlltm) rtf(tt) = (Stl' Stt> Stl/tt) rtm(tm) = (Stl' Stm, Stl/tm) rtm{tt) = 0 rtt(tm) = 0 rtt(tt) = (Stl' Stt, Stl/tt) (14a) (14b) (14c) The transformation of the R tm and R tt sets is sufficiently described in (14b) and (14c).

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