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Germans to America (Series II), January 1846-October 1846: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports (Immigrants to America, Volume 3)

This publication obtain contains Germans to the United States (Series II), quantity three, January 1846-October 1846 from the sequence Immigrants to the United States sequence only.

Each quantity within the Immigration to the United States sequence offers details from the unique send occur schedules, or passenger lists, filed by means of all vessels getting into U. S. ports in response to a Congressional Act of 1819. The passenger lists give the opportunity to track the circulation of immigrants to the U. S. from their international locations of foundation. Volumes are prepared in chronological order by way of each one ship's date of arrival. each passenger checklist contains first and final identify of every passenger, their age, intercourse, career, nationality, place of abode, and vacation spot. research of this knowledge permits the researcher to spot not just immigrants, but in addition extraterrestrial beings returning to the U. S. , electorate who're returning to their local nation, and people touring in the course of the U. S. en path to different locations. each one quantity additionally incorporates a entire identify index, making it effortless to discover a selected person or kinfolk identify.

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Educational attainment is an important status indicator for many Afghans, and Afghan parents encourage their children to work hard in school and achieve the Afghan students, Arezo Kohistani, left, Nadima Sahar, center, and Mahbooba Babrakzai stand in front of the DOW and NASDAQ tickers at the business school at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, May 3, 2006. Babrakzai and Kohistani are business majors, while Sahar is working on a business minor to go with her politcal science degree.

From the 1940s More students are sent to countries such as the United States as well as the USSR, Germany, and France for university education. 1973 King Zahir Shah is ousted by his cousin, Prime Minister Daoud. Daoud then declared Afghanistan a republic, and himself president. 1978 President Daoud and his family killed in a coup („the Saur Revolution‰) led by Taraki and Amin, members of the Leftist PeopleÊs Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA). 1979 Political parties are formed in exile, especially in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Mizgon knew from a young age that she wanted to be a journalist. In grade school she had an advice column for her school paper called “Ms. ” At the age of 13 she was introduced to Farida Anwary, who was amongst one of the first women in Afghanistan to pursue journalism. Farida Anwary had a 24-hour satellite radio program on which she allowed Mizgon to start her own radio show. Ayenda, meaning “future,” was the first Afghan American live radio program produced to bridge the intergenerational divides within the Afghan community.

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