Arnold Schoenberg's a Survivor From Warsaw in Postwar Europe by Joy H. Calico

By Joy H. Calico

Pleasure H. Calico examines the cultural background of postwar Europe during the lens of the functionality and reception of Arnold Schoenberg's A Survivor from Warsaw—a brief yet robust paintings, she argues, in a position to frustrating each uncovered nerve in postwar Europe. Schoenberg, a Jewish composer whose oeuvre have been one of many Nazis’ leading exemplars of entartete (degenerate) tune, immigrated to the U.S. and have become an American citizen. either well-liked and reviled as a pioneer of dodecaphony, he wrote this twelve-tone piece in regards to the Holocaust in 3 languages for an American viewers. This e-book investigates the meanings hooked up to the paintings because it circulated via Europe through the early chilly conflict in a type of symbolic musical remigration, targeting six case reviews: West Germany, Austria, Norway, East Germany, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. each one case is exclusive, educated by means of person geopolitical issues, yet this research additionally unearths universal topics in anxieties approximately musical modernism, Holocaust reminiscence and culpability, the coexistence of Jews and previous Nazis, anti-Semitism, dislocation, and the presence of occupying forces on each side of the chilly warfare divide.

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