Arqueología peruana: Precursores by Duccio y Rogger Ravines Bonavia

By Duccio y Rogger Ravines Bonavia

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The nature of a system in which the three-phase space closes within the system is discussed later, page 56). 10 illustrates the form of the three-phase space and shows some of the representative tie-triangles that constitute the space. As the peritectic reaction proceeds SYSTEMS CONTAINING THREE PHASES 45 N Fig. 9. with falling temperature, the liquid composition changes along curve MN, and the compositions of a and p change along EF and DG respectively. The process of peritectic solidification may be illustrated by reference to alloys lying in the region EMNF.

Gibbs energy minimisation methods are then used to locate the positions of boundaries of multiphase regions. 4 shows Gibbs energy curves for the case of a miscibility gap. Although two phases resulted from formation of the miscibility gap, the crystal structures of both phases were the same and only one Gibbs energy curve was required to describe the two phases. However, when two or more crystallographically distinct phases are considered, two or more Gibbs energy curves are required to construct the twophase equilibrium and the Gibbs energy at the 'end-points' of the mixing curve must then be considered.

1) shows that the liquidus is made up of two surfaces AMNC and BMN, corresponding to the primary solidification of a and P respectively. These surfaces intersect along a eutectic curve or 'valley' MN. In principle, this curve MN may show a maximum or minimum point, but it is assumed in the example illustrated that the curve falls smoothly as it traverses the system from side AB to side BC. DG and EF are curves joining the points representing the respective compositions of the a and ~ phases formed in the eutectic reactions in the binary systems (these reactions are represented by the horizontal straight lines DME and GNF).

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