Athenian Black Figure Vases by John Boardman

By John Boardman

Athenian black determine vases undergo the paintings of consummate artists, like Exekias, who depicted on them scenes of delusion and way of life which deepen our wisdom and knowing of Greek antiquity. during this survey, Professor John Boardman allows the reader to check the numerous points of the vases, and to know the fundamental form of a painter or a bunch of painters from the interval among 630 and 470 BC. He devotes a whole part to the mythological scenes and different ornamental positive factors of the vases. 383 illus.

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1 fe\\ u'>ing both techniques, and it is their work we comider in th1~ ch;tpler. 1vc fir't to look at the new technique rojudgnvi1Jttt could olfer to thl·old. Thl'l·tfcrt II6I-Zj i~ the reverse or negative of black figure. unred all black. td, figure. 1ct1on agJimt the more • • \(,ltuc~que style. 1\, ho\\ L'\ cr. 111d this may owe somcthmg ro red tigure. uh \Ycrc dra'' n "ith the bru,h. l\"cr. ' black and'' lme ',effect'' hi rh \U1tcd the ne\\ tcchmque better than the old. tl U\t' of white ground by the Andokidc' Pamter and Pascas.

As 11091, have black . slightly concave lips which run into the line of the bodv. and often a red painted fillet at the junction of body and stem. The figu;e decoration is in the h andk zone. often between pr figures between t ht: handles; and a very few big ones (Andokidean) have figures on the fbt underfoot. W e might wonder why t\'-'O cup typ~s such as these were d eveloped and so long re mained equally popular w1th pamters and customns.

This suggests that his stud io was ac:tive from soon after the m id <:entur y until near sro, when the potter Pamphaios takes over, en'1ploying more red fig ure artists. The 'Nikosthcnic amphora ' is the most distinctive produ~ t of the studio l149, 150j. Its broad flat handles an d ang uhl r bod y, which sli ms as time passes, imitate a shape nati ve to Etru ria and execute~ the re in a plai_n black ware (bucchero) with, at the best, sta mped deC(lratwn . vas d early a n export m odel and is a furthe r indication of Nikosthcncs' flair for business and ad ver tisernent.

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