Autobiography of Madame Guyon by Madame Guyon

By Madame Guyon

Humans are looking to direct God rather than resigning themselves to be directed through Him. they need to teach Him a manner, rather than passively following that in which He leads them. consequently many souls, referred to as to take pleasure in God Himself, and never slightly His presents, spend all their lives in working after little consolations, and feeding on them resting there basically, making all their happiness to consist therein. you're invited to learn Madame Guyon s autobiography and decide for your self if her stories and writings are ones to sentence or condone.

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A person truly humbled permits not anything to put him in a rage. As it is pride which dies the last in the soul, so it is passion which is last destroyed in the outward conduct. A soul thoroughly dead to itself, finds nothing of rage left. There are persons who, being very much filled with grace and with peace, at their entrance of the resigned path of light and love, think they are come thus far. But they are greatly mistaken, in this view of their state. This they will readily discover, if they are heartily willing to examine two things.

My confessor was easy in the matter. Not being a man of prayer he gave his consent to my great hurt. Oh, my God, if the value of prayer were but known, the great advantage which accrues to the soul from conversing with Thee, and what consequence it is of to salvation, everyone would be assiduous in it. It is a stronghold into which the enemy cannot enter. He may attack it, besiege it, make a noise about its walls; but while we are faithful and hold our station, he cannot hurt us. It is alike requisite to dictate to children the necessity of prayer as of their salvation.

I caused masses to be said all the time after my being contracted, to know the will of God. I wished to do it in this affair at least. Oh, my God, how great was thy goodness, to bear with me at this time, and to allow me to pray to Thee with as much boldness, as if I had been one of thy friends, I who had rebelled against Thee as thy greatest enemy. The joy of our nuptials was universal through our village. Amid this general rejoicing, there appeared none sad but myself. I could neither laugh as others did, nor even eat; so much was I depressed.

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