Avatar: The life story of the perfect master, Meher Baba by Jean Adriel

By Jean Adriel

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The neighboring section changed from a slum of squalor and filth to a bazaar of spiritual wealth and beauty. New buildings sprang into being, old ones were rejuvenated. Tea-shops echoed to the hospitable clatter of cups and saucers, and to the chatter of throngs waiting to pay their respects to Babajan. In the streets singers entertained the crowd with their spiritual music; gay, laughing and eager people of all ranks and creeds stood by the hundreds, patiently waiting for the long-anticipated moment when they could ‘take the dust’ of Babajan’s feet.

Though endowed with infinite wisdom and knowledge, and therefore able to perform any work they might choose, their earthly mission is divided into highly specialized activities. It is characteristic of Perfect Masters that in everything they do, they manifest the utmost economy of effort. The Master destined to complete the process of perfect functioning for Merwan proved to be Upasani Maharaj. His first meeting with Upasani illustrates the singular ways of such Masters. On the surface, many of their actions seem strangely incongruouseven grotesque-yet upon closer analysis, the underlying meaning becomes apparent.

But her parents were persistent, and when they tried to force her into an unwanted alliance, she made her escape to Peshawar, India, and later to Rawalpindi. For a young girl of her background, brought up in the strict seclusion of the purdah tradition, this was an unprecedented and no small undertaking. Doubtless her great spiritual destiny aided her in covering up her tracks until she reached the safe harbor of India. Here she continued her life of spiritual aspiration through prolonged meditation and fasting, until at length she was guided to a Hindu Master who initiated her into the spiritual path.

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