Best of AFN - IV by Jack Drewes

By Jack Drewes

Booklet includes descriptions and images of fireworks. Stars and Small units, greater units and Novelty goods, Rockets, Aerials, chemical substances and different components are just the various headings within the contents record.

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Germans to America (Series II), January 1846-October 1846: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports (Immigrants to America, Volume 3)

This publication obtain comprises Germans to the USA (Series II), quantity three, January 1846-October 1846 from the sequence Immigrants to the United States sequence only.

Each quantity within the Immigration to the USA sequence provides details from the unique send happen schedules, or passenger lists, filed through all vessels coming into U. S. ports based on a Congressional Act of 1819. The passenger lists give the opportunity to track the circulate of immigrants to the U. S. from their nations of starting place. Volumes are prepared in chronological order via each one ship's date of arrival. each passenger checklist contains first and final identify of every passenger, their age, intercourse, profession, nationality, place of abode, and vacation spot. research of this knowledge allows the researcher to spot not just immigrants, but in addition extraterrestrial beings returning to the U. S. , electorate who're returning to their local state, and people touring during the U. S. en path to different locations. every one quantity additionally encompasses a entire identify index, making it effortless to discover a specific person or kinfolk identify.

The Wet Basement Manual: Methods and Innovations Employed Since 1947

A entire instrument for combating and fixing a spread of moisture difficulties in residential and commmercial basements. precise directions and illustrations on issues together with French drains, leaking basement home windows, stone foundations, downgrade slopes, downspout water, radon, water seepage and extra.

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Results are probably quite similar to powder manufactured in Europe after the 1300s and very much like the powder homemade by settlers. The CIA has revived and simplified a precipitation method devised in 1875 by Edward Greene and adapted at Frankford Arsenal by T. J. Hennessy in 1967. This technique shortens drying time to a day or two and eliminates the compression step altogether. The procedure starts the same as before: measure and combine charcoal and sulfur with the intent of embedding as much of the sulfur within the porous structure of the charcoal as possible.

4. Wood or decking screws. 5. Drill press. 6. d. cardboard tubes. 7. Table saw (Skil saw if the builder is good). 42 The most difficult item to acquire is the crate. The type I am referring to are the plastic crates in which milk is delivered to the local supermarket. They can be identified easily as they have the following printed on the sides. "Warning, use by other than registered owner punishable by law". The sixteen crates which I use were procured from the local landfill at no cost. It would be wise to make sure they sign a piece of paper as a certificate of origin.

For a safer, less versatile version, regular strike on box kitchen matches may be substituted for the SAW version. BS Materials required • 16 empty 4" paper tubes from the Cuckoo fountains • 16 1 1/2" firecrackers (Big Bomb brand is a good fit) • Nitrocellulose lacquer (shellac may be substituted) • 1/8" X 6" rammer (dowel rod) • 16 Strike anywhere (SAW) kitchen matches (Ohio Blue Tip or Fire Chief brand) I begin by mixing the smoke composition. All parts are by weight. Fill this area with slurry Strike Anywhere (SAW) kitchen match head Smoke comp.

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