Black Feminist Archaeology by Whitney Battle-Baptiste

By Whitney Battle-Baptiste

Black feminist suggestion has constructed in a variety of components of the academy for over 3 many years, yet has made in basic terms minor inroads into archaeological idea and perform. Whitney Battle-Baptiste outlines the elemental tenets of Black feminist concept and study for archaeologists and exhibits how it may be used to enhance modern historic archaeology. She demonstrates this utilizing Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, the net Du Bois Homesite in Massachusetts, and the Lucy Foster apartment in Andover, which represented the 1st archaeological excavation of an African American domestic. Her demand an archaeology extra delicate to questions of race and gender is a vital improvement for the field.

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Constructing a Black Feminist Framework carefully you choose your words, and most of all, how purposeful you are in telling a story filled with pain, personal politics and anger. Writing about the history of the feminist movement and the intimate relationship between racism and sexism was a difficult aspect of this book. However, as difficult as it may be, relaying the painful past is probably one of the most foundational aspects of my own personal intellectual identity formation. Understanding that I am first racialized as Black and then further marginalized as a woman in many ways forced me to choose between these two linked identities.

I believe that archaeology complicates simplistic notions of overbearing Black women and absent Black men. The reality 50 Chapter I. Constructing a Black Feminist Framework of slavery must be considered when thinking about the construction and development of captive African social systems. Women and men were both working with a constant level of labor expectations. As captives, they were often assigned very different, however equally taxing, jobs and tasks. The reality of women actively shaping and maintaining the domestic sphere was an unrealistic, but expected remnant of white mainstream patriarchy.

Beneath all of this, however, is the reality of how we as experts do not want to be wrong about the work we do and how we come at our often personal methodological approaches to historic sites. Through a relatively new methodological approach like Black Feminist Archaeology, I argue, archaeologists can collaborate and create inclusive dialogues equipped with engaged research agendas to produce incredibly activist oriented outcomes that appeal to a multitude of audiences. “Womanist Is to Feminist as Purple Is to Lavender” When I decided to pursue a career in archaeology I predicted that my work would provide solutions to my own internal frustrations 36 Chapter I.

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