Body of Evidence (CSI Crime Scene Investigation) by Max Allan Collins

By Max Allan Collins

Early one quiet Monday morning, in an empty government workplace, assistant Janice Denard starts to organize for one more usual day - yet as an alternative discovers facts of bad crimes, stunning photos left deserted in a printer. Now, with assistance from the LVPD's laptop forensics specialists, the CSI staff needs to music via and software program, deception and deceit to discover the perpetrators. yet whereas Willows and Stokes examine the as soon as well-hidden secrets and techniques now printed in print, Grissom, Brown, and Sidle discover new and aggravating facts in a high-profile media case...the brutal homicide of the Mayor's long-missing secretary.

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Nunez asked as he rose from Janice's desk and came around. "I know Giles and Carroll," Nick said. "You'll know everybody before we're through. " The computer expert made intros all around, starting with Webster, a tall, thin state trooper who seemed unable to stand still. The other two, Nunez explained, were freelancer buddies of his: Wolf, a short muscular guy whose name suited him; and Moes, a slightly over-weight bemused middle-aged man who among the group looked closest to a stereotypical computer geek.

R. "I'll talk to the experts and get a better idea. " Another negative roll of the emotional roller coaster, and Nick had had all he could take of it. He walked to the front door and stuck his head out to see a Ryder truck backing into the parking space next to the black Tahoe. When the truck stopped, Nick watched the driver climb down and come around to the back of the vehicle where he opened the rear overhead door. Just as he did, a sky-blue Dodge van pulled into the lot and parked on the far side.

Warrick could only agree. The woman's olive skin had gone drab and gray, but in her long straight nose and wide full lips, the shadow of the beauty that had been seemed obvious to Warrick. Gently thumbing open her eyelids, Robbins revealed large, lifeless brown eyes that Warrick imagined might well have sparkled with life…before her death. "Petechial hemorrhaging," Grissom said. Robbins nodded, studying his patient. " Robbins shrugged facially. " Her skin was a mottled gray, blue and white mess that would indeed tell them a long, detailed story about her death, once Robbins completed his work.

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