Building Surveys and Reports by James Douglas

By James Douglas

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Risk identification This involves pinpointing the likely risks associated with the proposed survey. The RICS (2004) guidance in Appendix V lists the main physical risks associated with surveying buildings. ) Typical health risks include falls from heights, falling through defective floors and roofs, stepping on or hitting sharp objects, exposure to deleterious substances such as asbestos and silica dusts, contaminated air, etc. For example, inspecting roof voids and other enclosed spaces poses a number of dangers for any surveyor.

The Schedule should of course be signed by yourself and the landlord and a copy kept with the lease. If you have any queries I shall be pleased to give you any further information you may require. I also enclose my account for fees which I trust you will find satisfactory. 2 Cost and timing of surveys The cost of a property survey will depend on three key factors: (1) the type of survey required, (2) the size and location of property being surveyed, and (3) the risks involved. All of these factors will impact on the time taken to carry out the survey effectively.

The letter should express clearly what the two parties have agreed and the duties should be clearly enumerated, together with any exclusions such as the examination of inaccessible areas. 4 Typical costs (at 2010 prices) and timings for property surveys of low-rise dwellings Level of survey Indicative cost range (a) Average time to complete survey (a) Scheme 1 Scheme 2 Scheme 3 £100–£300 (b) £400–£700 (c) £700+ (c) <1 hour Between 2 and 4 hours Between 4 and 8 hours Notes: (a) For a typical size dwelling up to two-storeys in height.

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