Bureaucracy in a Democratic State: A Governance Perspective by Kenneth J. Meier, Laurence J. O'Toole Jr.

By Kenneth J. Meier, Laurence J. O'Toole Jr.

The following, Kenneth J. Meier and Laurence J. O'Toole Jr. current a well timed research of operating democracy, arguing that bureaucracy—often thought of antithetical to primary democratic principles—can truly advertise democracy. Drawing from either the empirical paintings of political scientists and the qualitative paintings of public management students, the authors hire a "governance strategy" that considers extensive, institutionally advanced structures of governance in addition to the nitty-gritty information of paperwork administration. They research the result of bureaucratic and political interactions in particular executive settings, in the neighborhood and nationally, to figure out no matter if bureaucratic structures boost or weaken the connections among public personal tastes and genuine regulations. They locate that bureaucracies are a part of complicated intergovernmental and interorganizational networks that restrict a unmarried bureaucracy's institutional keep an eye on over the implementation of public coverage. extra, they finish that top-down political keep watch over of paperwork has basically modest impression at the actions of paperwork within the U.S. and that shared values and commitments to democratic norms, besides political keep watch over, produce a paperwork that's aware of the yank humans. (2007)

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This impact has become increasingly visible as the institutional arrangements involved in delivering governance have evolved (in academic recognition if not in practice) from solitary government bureaucracies, to more variable networks of multiple organizations, or parts of organizations, including government agencies at the same or different levels of government, nonprofit organizations and associations, and private-sector companies. The clusters of networked units may be charged with varying types and levels of coordination, or they may self-organize to do so even if not explicitly required.

These themes are then used to speculate on the role of bureaucracy in a democratic society, both in the United States and elsewhere. ” In fact, the requisites of democracy require an extended critique and reappraisal of such ideas. CHAPTER TWO Democracy and Political Control of the Bureaucracy Chapter 1 demonstrates that the political-control theme has been an important component of the discussion about bureaucracy and democracy. This subject merits careful examination, particularly from the political science and public administration perspectives.

The principal’s decision problem is far more involved than simply locating a qualified person—for there is no guarantee that the agent, once hired, will in effect choose to pursue the principal’s best interests or to do so efficiently. The agent has his own interests at heart, and is induced to pursue the principal’s objective only to the extent that the incentive structure imposed in the contract renders such behavior advantageous. The above excerpt shows that the model, reflecting its roots in studying market exchanges, starts with an assumption of an inherent conflict between the goals of the principal and the agent (Mitnick 1980; Perrow 1972).

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