Castille (7th Sea Nationbook) by Patrick Kapera, Marcelo Figueroa, Les Simpson, Marshal

By Patrick Kapera, Marcelo Figueroa, Les Simpson, Marshal Smith, Kevin Wilson, Kevin Boerwinkle, Jim Pi

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Most en weave their hair in a series of coifs, tricate process which takes many ade by the Vaticine Church the like), Castille hniques in all of Walter Müller (order #68547) City, an invention of Brother Carlos Fidel Sangre, a monk known for his culinary creativity. The mixture of wine, fruit juice, fruit, and water is further treated by a curious method that causes the brew to fizz. Local taverns call it sangre de Sangre or, more commonly, sangria. The drink‘s bittersweet flavor and tantalizing “tickle” within the throat have earned it a prominent place in meals across Castille.

Spring: The Festival of Flames presentations are held in each t, regardless of its quality. While every day is a holiday somewhere in Castille, each season has at least one celebration that defines it. In the spring, that celebration is El Festival de Llamas, the Festival of Flames. While this honored day’s origins have been lost to time, Gallegos natives believe it has some connection with the legends of L o s Nublados (see page 39). The Festival of Flames is highlighted by the building and burning of niiiots, giant paper-machC figures.

Corrupted by the illicit “de”: lit. “of‘; used to preface the paternal family name. nds flanking Rancho among the wealthiest etables, and wine are Soldano lands adjacent to both Ranchos, the Riveras are ough their holdings. the Montaigne, this de families to enter La Sierra Le Vasquez family are miners Paternal Family Name: The last name, taken to iden+ the individual’s direct paternal lineage; may also be used to ident$ the region of Castille the individual is from. “del”: lit a contraction of “de el” meaning “of the”, but more commonly accepted as meaning “from” (to indicate what country the individual is from).

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