Chernobyl Prayer: A Chronicle of the Future by Svetlana Alexievich

By Svetlana Alexievich

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"Das hohe reflexive Niveau der Beiträge, die intensiven Überlegungen zu verwendeten Begriffen, methodischen Grundlagen und thematischen Zuschnitten sowie die praktische Umsetzung in Detailstudien lassen den Band zu einer anspruchsvollen und anregenden Lektüre werden. " Kordula Wolf in: H-Soz-u-Kult, November 2011

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C'est avec de nouvelles lunettes que les historiens proposent, depuis les années 1980, de rendre compte d'un XIX e siècle composite, hybride, pluriel, désormais " masqué " par un siècle d'interprétations. Un siècle fait de bouleversements profonds, discontinus, inégalement perçus et vécus, mais décisifs.

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She never got married. So I was rushing from one ward to the other, from his bedside to hers. By then, he wasn’t in an ordinary ward, they’d put him in this special pressure chamber, behind a see-through plastic curtain, which you weren’t allowed past. It was specially equipped so you could give injections and insert catheters without having to go behind the plastic. It was all sealed off with locks and velcro, but I worked out how to open them up. I’d quietly move aside the plastic and sneak in to see him.

Arch Tait has translated thirty books, short stories and essays by most of today’s leading Russian writers. His translation of Anna Politkovskaya’s Putin’s Russia (2004) was awarded the inaugural PEN Literature in Translation prize in 2010. Most recently, he has translated Mikhail Gorbachev’s The New Russia (2016). We are air: we are not earth Merab Mamardashvili Some historical background Belarus … To the outside world we remain terra incognita: an obscure and uncharted region. ‘White Russia’ is roughly how the name of our country translates into English.

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