Christianity as Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity by Rudolf Steiner

By Rudolf Steiner

1914. Contents: issues of View; Mysteries and their knowledge; Greek Sages sooner than Plato; knowledge of the Mysteries and delusion; knowledge of Egypt; Gospels; Apocalypse; Jesus His historic history; St. Augustine and the Church.

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It is the force in them which makes them strive to become more and more divine. 38 34 C HRISTIANITY A S M YSTICAL F ACT Looking at human life from this perspective, the prospect of initiation into the magic circle of the Eternal becomes a real possibility. Forces that would not unfold under purely natural conditions of life must certainly be present in human beings, and if they remain untapped their life will pass away unfructified. It was the role of the Mysteries, as it was the task set for themselves by the Greek philosophers, to release those forces and thereby to make humanity akin to the divine.

They live in a state of dependence, but also independence. They behold the Logos, but they can only participate in it according to the proportion of the mixture that the eternal Logos brought about in their case. Hence human beings derive their unique calling: to fashion the eternal out of the temporal. It is the spirit, the Logos, that works in human beings. But it does so in a special way: out of the temporal. The uniqueness of the human soul consists in this: a temporal being is active and powerful in the same way as an eternal being, and can be likened both to a god and to a worm.

The one who attains this insight is able to look forward and backward, beyond the individual self. The presence of the daimon within is a sign of one’s own eternal self, and this one can no longer be limited to the role of informing one’s own particular personality; the personality as such is simply one mode of appearance for the daimon, which cannot in principle be confined to a single personal manifestation. It has the power to inhabit many personalities and may shift from personality to personality.

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