Closed Circle by Robert Goddard

By Robert Goddard

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The Dead Survivors (Mars Barh Mysteries, Book 2)

Frank Beck, a guy with terminal colon melanoma, a brand new divorce, and a stack of bills, hangs himself. It's an open-and-shut suicide--except for a string of numbers inscribed on Beck's correct arm. Minneapolis murder Detective Marshall Bahr can't make experience of the numbers or the truth that a man all people describes as sloppy tied an ideal hangman's noose for himself.

Faceless Killers: The First Kurt Wallander Mystery

First within the Kurt Wallander sequence. It used to be a senselessly violent crime: on a chilly evening in a distant Swedish farmhouse an aged farmer is bludgeoned to demise, and his spouse is left to die with a noose round her neck. And as though this didn’t current adequate difficulties for the Ystad police Inspector Kurt Wallander, the death woman’s final be aware is international, leaving the police the only tangible clue they have–and within the technique, the fit which may inflame Sweden’s already smoldering anti-immigrant sentiments.

The Fifth Woman: A Kurt Wallander Mystery (6)

5th within the Kurt Wallander sequence. In an African convent, 4 nuns and a unidentified 5th lady are brutally murdered--the loss of life of the unknown lady coated up through the neighborhood police. A yr later in Sweden, Inspector Kurt Wallander is baffled and appalled by way of murders. Holger Eriksson, a retired motor vehicle broker and poultry watcher, is impaled on sharpened bamboo poles in a ditch in the back of his secluded domestic, and the physique of a lacking florist is discovered--strangled and tied to a tree.

The Pyramid: And Four Other Kurt Wallander Mysteries

While Kurt Wallander first seemed in "Faceless Killers" again in 1990, he used to be a senior police officer, simply became 40, together with his existence in a multitude. His spouse had left him, his father slightly said him; he ate badly and drank by myself at evening. "The Pyramid" chronicles the occasions that led him to the sort of position.

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Profit was one thing, but Max seemed likely to have more than his share of pleasure as well. While all I could do was watch and imagine. A pall of cloud over the ship heralded England in all its summer glumness. With the Cornish coast looming grey and sodden off the port bow, I headed for my cabin to pack. But hardly had I commenced the task when a visitor arrived. It was Max. "I thought we should have a word, old man," he announced. " "Oh, I quite understand. " "So far, yes. " "I haven't forgotten.

Perhaps that was why he had chosen to meet me instead in the mirror-walled dining-room of the Ambassador, where Doric columns, multifarious reflections and roseate light from a tinted glass roof created a thoroughly bemusing environment. In that sense it was also highly appropriate, since Fabian Charnwood was a thoroughly bemusing man. The frock-coat, wing-collar, carnation button-hole and stiff-backed bearing all confirmed Max's description of him as 'a perfect gent', but he was far from being the stout red-faced sexagenerian I had expected.

And this party gives us the chance to do so. " Strangely, Max's enthusiasm now eclipsed my own. " He downed some more scotch with obvious relish. Unpredictability had revived him as I had hoped. In fact, my hopes had been altogether exceeded. " There's no need for that, surely? " He smiled mockingly. " "Well, we've come a long way since on share and share alike. " Seeing my eyebrows shoot up, he added: "Or a fiancee. " He raised a finger to summon the steward, ordered two sheets of writing paper to the fellow's well-disguised surprise, then lounged back, beaming from ear to ear.

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