Colt New Service Revolver Explained by Gerard Henrotin

By Gerard Henrotin

Богато иллюстрированное издание, посвященное револьверам системы Colt. Устройство, обслуживание, клейма, схемы, фото, рисунки.

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A ‘state of the art’ Fresenius 5008, one of the most advanced dialysis machines available today.

Neurological Events As many as 75% of patients suffer subtle, reversible neurological deficits post-operatively. Stroke as a result of a macroembolism, intracerebral hemorrhage, or thrombotic occlusion is seen in <1% of patients below 70 years and 5% of patients above 70 years. 6 36 Kidney Dysfunction Kidney or renal dysfunction is associated with hemodilution, hypothermia, and endocrine effects during CPB. 7 Low Cardiac Output This can present itself in several forms, namely low blood pressure, bradycardia or tachycardia, acidosis, and reduced urine output.

The tiny holes in the membrane create a virtual blood gas interface but do not allow the passage of fluid. This phenomenon combined with a large surface area (similar concept to the lungs) ensures the efficient addition of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide. The last component of a standard CPB circuit prior to the aorta is a 40-micron arterial line screen filter (4). This may remove further microemboli and definitely acts as a gross air bubble trap, reducing the risk of patient mortality or morbidity from this source.

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