Complete Works of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan: Lectures by Hazrat Inayat Khan

By Hazrat Inayat Khan

All recognized talks compiled from unique resources

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And every person th i nks that perhaps if He comes from a particularsociety, hissocietywillauthorizeHim :when mysociety shaff-will say : "this is the person," then we will takel25 Him . Others th ink thatl26perhaps someone will come from the sky, directly descending, of a different nation, of different features, of a different faith, someone who is unlike us, whowill work wonders, that we shall listen to him . Now in this conflict has come the questionly : many persons once wanted that before the time of Moses, and they have wanted it before the time of Jesus, before the time of Mahomedl26, they will want it and st i l l want it for ever .

A comma added 29 . : "till" instead of "still" 30. : "his" added 31 . Tp . : 'invention' changed to "image" in unknown hwr . 32. C . : "corresponding" changed to "responding" in penci l 33 . There seems to have been a discussion among some mreeds about whether "when" should be changed to "where", resulting in a letter of 8th November 1964 from Sd . , in which the conclusion was that "where" would limit the meaning of the fulfilment. " What does it mean? That by praying man tunes himself to fulfil the purpose of his life .

Own" omitted 82. : "our" instead of 'one ' 83 . : "kingdom" instead of 'domain' 84. : "large or small" added 85. : "body" instead of 'world ' 86. : 'come under" instead of 'comes out of " 87 . : "as" added 88. : "masters" instead of 'governs' 89. : "one's self ' 90. : 'a' omitte d 91 . : ", and" added, full stop omitte d 92 . Con. : "one's motion and personality have influence" instead of "the influence of one's condition and personality has ' 93 . Ibid. : 'A' adde d 94 . Ibid. : 'going' omitte d 95 .

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