Consistency in Personality: A Methodological Framework by Daniel J. Ozer

By Daniel J. Ozer

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And T may be dummy coded to create four sets of dummy variables. where each set will contain n-l. 0-1. p-l. and q-l vectors. respectively. Sets of vectors may then be computed for representing interaction lerms. 26 Table 2 Equations for Estimating Variance Components in PxSxRxT Designs EMS(P)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR)+pV(PST)+oV(PRT)+opV(PT)+oqV(PR)+pqV(PS) +opqV(P) EMS(S)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR)+pV(PST)+nV(SRT)+pqV(PS)+nqV(SR)+npV(ST) +npqV(S) EMS(R)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR)+oV(PRT)+nV(SRT)+oqV(PR)+nqV(SR)+noV(RT) +noqV(R) EMS(T)=V(PSRT,error)+pV(PST)+oV(PRT)+nV(SRT)+opV(PT)+npV(ST)+noV(RT) +nopV(T) EMS(PS)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR)+pV(PST)+pqV(PS) EMS(PR)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR)+oV(PRT)+oqV(PR) EMS(PT)= V(PSRT,error) +p V(P ST)+ 0V(PRT)+ op V(PT) EMS(SR)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR)+nV(SRT)+nqV(SR) EMS(ST)=V(PSRT,error)+pV(PST)+nV(SRT)+npV(ST) EMS(RT)=V(PSRT,error )+0 V(PRT)+n V(SRT)+no V(RT) EMS(PSR)=V(PSRT,error)+qV(PSR) EMS(PST)=V(PSRT,error)+pV(PST) EMS(PRT)=V(PSRT,error)+oV(PRT) EMS(SRT)=V(PSRT,error )+n V(SRT) EMS(PSRT,error)=V(PSRT,error) 27 For example.

G(R) RxT: The Consistency of Response Profiles Across Time This type of consistency provides the best index for assessing change and stability in an individual's personality over time. G(P) RxT is often used in this context to examine these issues in a single response class, but this does not address issues in individual personality structure, as only one response class is employed; and estimates of stability in the sense of G(P) PxT depends upon comparative orderings of persons. An example as misleading as the one provided in the pn)vious section is easily posed, but the issue need not be belabored.

G(T) PxT: The Consistency of Time Etrects Across Persons Time effects are usually described in terms of growth, development, and process. Growth and development are usually construed as changes which occur through longer 42 periods of time; phenomena which show developmental patterns are quite often stable and unchanging through shorter time spans. Physical characteristics such as height and weight are paradigmatic examples. Process is usually viewed as short-term change. Process may imply a whole series of alterations occurring quite rapidly, but the functional unit in such cases is usually the entire series.

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