Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explaned, by Dolores Cannon

By Dolores Cannon

The main exact interpretation of Nostradamus ever revealed is contained in those 3 volumes.The moment ebook during this sequence comprises 143 extra quatrains written and deciphered through Nostradamus himself.This quantity includes:* extra in regards to the upward push and placement of the Anti-Christ, together with his horoscope.* The correlation of 666 (the mark of the beast) and computers.* extra concerning the 3rd international conflict and what nations could be affected.* harmful new applied sciences to manage the elements and earthquakes.* Maps displaying the parts of the continents that stay after the axis shift and the melting of the polar icecaps.* The function of area viewers in the course of the time of tribulations.

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I believe I've spoken of this before with you. D: Yes, you have. It is a method similar to the method I use. We call it hypnosis. What do you call it? E: Trance. D: I believe you said that the other doctors didn't know he did it. E: That is correct. It is a secret. D: Are the other doctors able to perform operations like this? E: Yes. But they have a greater fatality rate than Nostradamus does. The patient goes into a shock. Sometimes does not live. Nostradamus believes that shock can be a gr ater cause of post-operative death than perhaps the surgery itself.

E: Yes. There were some that I had heard of in my land that did this, but not so much in France. It's a method that lets the person help the surgeon. But it goes beyond that to a quieting of the person's heart and a lessening of the pain in the peIrson's mind. This sounded very much like a form of hypnosis. I have always thought the hardest part of trying to control pain would be getting the patient to listen to you. E: There are narcotics that are mostly from the Orient that we can give them; that quiets them.

I have heard that he does list ::ome dates in the quatrains. " A name that is twisted around to make apuzzle or a riddle out of it. They say that he did this on purpose. E: The translation that will be given to your vehicle will be a clear meaning in your language. Since he was not going to supply the quatrains, I obviously could go no further with this until I bought a book. I planned to move I)yonisus from the scene. I went over his instructions again. E: One moment. ) I don't understand everything he is saying.

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