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The paroxysms of shock and rage that followed the events of Sept. 11, 2001, provide further evidence of the disconnect between ongoing reality, the fact that absolutely anybody can be a target, and our determined psychological denial of this fact. What the hijackers did on a small scale was not different in kind from what has been imbedded in military planning for decades: an attack on a city with the intent to kill as many of its inhabitants as possible. The ethical malaise of general populations with regard to the death of non-combatant immunity may count as another form of what Hannah Arendt called the banality of evil, based as this malaise seems to be, on a kind of thoughtlessness.

6 Flowers of Evil was his response to the (blindness of) the enlightenment’s lack of understanding of evil. His own poems of demonic revolt were to a large extent meant to arrest people against their brainless failure to appreciate evil as an active historic force which has so often been shrouded in life’s goods/staples. For Baudelaire this is most notable in religion, which had gained political significance in large part because of its unacknowledged demonic alliances. ” In effect this great trick is the counter-pole of the other trick - to get people to think he has poisoned everything - a position powerfully depicted by Dostoevsky in his description of Father Ferapont in The Brothers Karamazov.

Nancy Cantor & Walter Mischel, “Prototypes in Person Perception,” in Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 12, ed. Leonard Berkowitz (New York: Academic Press, 1979), 3-52. 9. In this respect, our analysis closely parallels that of Baumeister. 10. For a discussion of uses of the “evil” label in forensic contexts see: Robert I. ,” Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 31 (2003) 413-416; Michael H. Stone, “Sadistic Personality in Murderers,” in Psychopathy: Antisocial, Criminal, and Violent Behavior, ed.

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