Crown of Stars by James Tiptree Jr.

By James Tiptree Jr.

Crown of Stars is a quick tale assortment by way of James Tiptree, Jr that was once first released in 1988. All yet one of many tales had formerly seemed elsewhere.

* "Second Going" (1987)
* "Our Resident Djinn" (1986)
* "Morality Meat" (1985, credited to Raccoona Sheldon)
* "All This and Heaven Too" (1985)
* "Yanqui Doodle" (1987)
* "Come reside with Me" (1988, winner of the Hayakawa Award for international brief tale in 1997)
* "Last evening and each Night" (1970)
* "Backward, flip Backward" (1988)
* "The Earth Doth Like a Snake Renew" (1988)
* "In Midst of Life" (1987)

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