Cure for Cancer: The Rick Simpson Protocol by Rick Simpson, Jindrich Bayer

By Rick Simpson, Jindrich Bayer

The latest ebook from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer in particular information the right way to use hashish extract drugs to therapy melanoma, going into wide element at the professional Rick Simpson protocol.

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This along with lots of sunshine, horse manure, and abundant quantities of water can produce an amazing crop. 33 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL I have not noticed any differences in the hemp oil produced from indoor or outdoor plants other than the fact that indoor plants seem to be slightly less potent. But there could be several reasons as to why this occurred and possibly, under the proper conditions, indoor plants might be just as strong as those grown outdoors. The most potent oils I have ever produced in Canada came from outdoor plants.

You cannot always go by look and smell to determine the potency of hemp. I have seen buds that glistened with resin and smelled beautifully but they lacked the potency to produce good medication. So it’s best to find out how potent the material is before you purchase a large quantity. When someone brings a pound to produce the medicine, I first test its effects on myself. I cut up a little bit of bud and roll a joint with it. If the hemp is good, by the time I have smoked half the joint, I feel its effects.

Naphtha has the chemical formula of CnH2n+2. Light naphtha has 5 and/or 6 carbon atom, which comes down to C5H12 and C6H14, also known as Pentane and Hexane. ” Wouter “I just wanted to post something about solvents. I went to a friend of mine who has several PhD’s and Masters in chemistry, and asked him what I could do to completely remove the naphtha from the oil. He said, “Take 5 ml of isopropyl alcohol and stir it in after it has stopped bubbling for the final time. It will evaporate and take the naphtha with it.

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