Cycle News - 10 May 2011 by Paul Carruthers (Editor)

By Paul Carruthers (Editor)

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Ing each other a few times. We were holding each other up a bit, which meant that Eugene got away. It nothing, but I was hoping to do a bit better,” said Biaggi. ” Supersport racing know that LaFor Haslam, just how off the verty was happy to control races mark his BMW has been since and he did just that in the big My Own Race: #7 CARLOS CHECA 9TH/10TH “We’re satisfied because we were aware of our limitations before we arrived here at Monza and we knew that it would be difficult to reach the podium,” Checa said.

Fault, the bike does have quirks (most of which have to do with the CTS), they are certainly easy to live with (and for some, probably not even noticeable), especially when you look at all of the other things the TE has to offer - like its smooth-performing mo- tor, spot-on fuel-injection system, extended seat, well-designed airbox/filter system and, of course, that magic plate on the rear fender. Yup, I’d have to say that the TE449 meets and exceeds my new and tougher dual sport standards.  CN SPECIFICATIONS: 2011 HUSQVARNA TE449 MSRP: ���������������������������������������������$8699 ENGINE TYPE:..

It was the firstever failure for the fuel pump, which was early in its life cycle. The DNF was crushing for the 37-year-old, who spoke of how rare the opportunities are for podium finishes. indd 51 What he could take away from it was that he’d done everything possible to put the bike on the box. Last weekend in Estoril the Texan finished a lonely sixth, again as the first nonfactory bike. There were five factory riders in front of him and four behind him, two who finished and two who didn’t. With four factory Hondas, two Yamahas, two Ducatis, and a Suzuki, it was an admirable finish in a role he’s come to accept.

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