Daily Meditations for Practicing The Course by Karen Casey

By Karen Casey

Written through the writer of the cherished best-seller, on a daily basis a brand new starting, this choice of meditations reinforces the most important options from the ebook, A direction in Miracles, the trendy religious vintage that has replaced the lives of hundreds of thousands.

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We can learn it now, however. We'll smile more easily when we do. <><><><><><><><><><><><> I will give the ego a rest today. I will flow with my experiences. January 31 Physical Body The body is used by the ego or the Holy Spirit to communicate. We say the body isn't real and then we proceed to affect it by the mind. How can this be? What we mean when we say the body isn't real is that it reflects what the mind projects. It doesn't exist independently. It has no intrinsic, unchanging properties.

Now. If we haven't treated a companion or co-worker respectfully, we can make amends. Now. There isn't anything complicated about how to move through this day or these activities. We simply need to walk with the Holy Spirit and we'll get to our destination on time. <><><><><><><><><><><><> There are no mistakes in what comes my way today. How I respond depends on who I ask to help me see the circumstances. January 2 Problems The Holy Spirit makes all things possible. Nearly every day we are overwhelmed, at least once, by a situation, an assignment, or an individual.

They are nothing more than vehicles for learning what is real, what is important. The quiet mind knows the only truth that matters. We will visit that place more frequently now. Our behavior will signal the change in us. <><><><><><><><><><><><> I may hope to change someone else by my actions today. That's folly. All I can change is my mind and my desire to change other people. February 16 Problems Blame We can heal all our problems. We love to blame others for what ails us. Yet this is never satisfying for long.

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