Darkwood 04 (Also Known as Forest Kingdom) - Hawk And Fisher by Simon R Green

By Simon R Green

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The steel blade sliced clean through and sank into the wooden floor beneath. The vampire seemed to collapse and fall in upon itself, and in a few seconds there was nothing left but dust. Hawk sighed slowly, pulled his axe out of the floor, and then sat back on his haunches. Some of the tension began to drain out of him. He looked wearily at Fisher, still kneeling beside him. " Hawk smiled slightly. "Well, we got the vampire. Not exactly according to the book, but what the hell. " He and Fisher rose painfully to their feet and leaned on each other a while until they felt strong enough to make their way back down the stairs.

Good," said Hawk, and frowned at how rough his voice sounded. He wouldn't have minded, but it felt even worse than it sounded. " "I've felt worse. " "No," said Hawk. "He hasn't got the teeth for it. " "Yeah, right. Trask was just the Judas Goat. But I think we'd better stake him anyway. " Hawk pounded the stake into her heart. It was hard work. He let Fisher stake Trask, while he cut off the girl's head as cleanly as he could. There was no blood, but that somehow made it worse. Cutting off Trask's head was no problem at all.

Fisher smiled politely at the sorcerer. He wasn't quite what she'd expected. After Hawk's tale of what he'd found in the Hook, she'd been expecting someone more; impressive. With his mild grey eyes and pleasant smile, Gaunt just didn't look the part. The sorcerer looked at the two Guards thoughtfully. "Captain Hawk and Captain Fisher," he said, after a moment. " "Nothing good, I hope," said Fisher, and Gaunt chuckled. "You did an excellent job of taking care of the Chandler Lane vampire. " Hawk raised an eyebrow.

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