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The reconstructed pixel corresponding to a spatial light modulator pixel is given by Z m k , l   1   x   1   y  Cm ( k ' , l ' )   x  1   y  Cm ( k '1, l ' )  1   x    y  Cm ( k ' , l '1)   x   y  Cm ( k '1, l '1) where Zm and Cm are the realigned and misaligned images, respectively. In general, the 2-D interpolator can be formulated as Z k , l   f   p  f   q C ( k ' p, l ' q ) , m  ( p ,q )S  x y  m , (10) (11) where f(.) is the one-dimensional impulse response of the corresponding interpolator; S is the input range of the 2-D interpolators; μx and μy indicate the local fractional displacement from the nearest pixel (k’, l’) at Cm in horizontal and vertical directions, respectively.

Page access provides holographic data storage with much higher throughput by parallel processing on data streams. In addition, data are saved throughout the volume of the storage medium by applying a specific physical principle and this leads data capacity on the terabyte level. Boosted data density, however, increases interferences between stored data pixels. Moreover, the physical limits of mechanical/electrical/optical components also result in misalignments in the retrieved images. Typical channel impairments in holographic data storage systems include misalignment, inter-pixel interferences and noises, which will be discussed in the following.

Another factor that contributes to inter-pixel interference is the point spread function, a low-pass spatial behavior with impulse response hA(x, y) resulted from the limited aperture of the optics subsystem. This point spread function is expressed as (2) hA x, y  hA x hA y , where      22 Data Storage hA  x   D f L sinc  xD f L  . (3) Note that D is the width of the square aperture, λ is the wavelength of the incident light, and fL represents the focal length. The corresponding frequency-domain transfer function HA(fx, fy) in this case is the ideal 2-D rectangular low-pass filter with a cut-off frequency equal to D/2λfL.

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